A-List Celebrities Nobody Wants to Work with

When in public, celebrities tend to try to stick to a positive image and create the impression of an open and good-natured character. In fact, their perfect picture is sometimes radically different from what fellow stars have to observe. We have remembered a few names that come up regularly in the “black list” of the most capricious and demanding show business representatives.



Organizers of the American Football Super Bowl have publicly dubbed Beyonce the most difficult celebrity they have ever had to work with. The diva performed at half-time of the final Super Bowl match in 2013, and her requirements were more than strange. She wished to have a $22,000 cedar baby crib in the dressing room for her one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. For her husband Jay-Z, she ordered cigars and alcohol for another $6,000. In addition, she expected the room temperature to be 26 degrees, and the mineral water was supposed to be 21 degrees. Besides, she demanded a titanium drinking straw for $900. The organizers, who happened to work with Queen Bey in one way or another, had to wear clothes made of 100% cotton; there had to be a new toilet seat in the toilet, and the toilet paper had to be red.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is another star, who does not want to reach compromise and has strange requirements at work. When the diva plays in films, she prefers not to communicate with any crew member during the pauses; otherwise she thinks her mood spoils and she falls out of the role. So if someone has to address any requests or concerns to J. Lo, they should turn to her personal assistant, who will find a proper moment to try to pass them to the star. Speaking of assistants, hardly any Lopez’ assistant can hold this position for a long time – despite the salary of 65 thousand dollars a year. The fact is that the assistant should stay with Jennifer for 12 hours six days a week and be accessible during the rest of their time. The star’s character is far from being angelic, so the ability to handle stress and rapid response to the most unexpected requests are the main requirements for the candidates.

Christian Bale


Charming and noble on the screen, Christian Bale turns into a hot-tempered tyrant after the command “Stop! Cut!” In Hollywood, there are few people, who are ready to bear him on a movie set. This also applies to actors and other participants of the filmmaking process. Bale does not want to know anything about his colleagues; he even stated this openly in an interview, adding he did not want other actors to know anything about him either. Bale allows himself to argue with directors, if something does not meet his expectations. Once he even started to insult and threaten the camera operator during the filming of Terminator 4. A few days later, the recording of the scandal hit the Internet. Not caring about his words, Christian kept attacking the camera man for 4 minutes, raising his voice and complaining that the man dared to distract him from acting in a complex scene. According to Bale, that was highly unprofessional. However, the actor used harsher wording to communicate the same idea.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is known among her colleagues for the extremely serious attitude to her own personality. Besides, she behaves in a weird way on movie sets. For example, while working on Iron Man, the actress demanded to change her schedule so that she would not see Scarlett Johansson. As a result, the colleagues never met. Gwyneth also demands that her assistant should thoroughly wash the shower room and dry it before she goes inside. The diva’s foot will never step into the water drops, left after someone else. In addition, Paltrow often makes disparaging comments about her colleagues in the interviews. For example, she may say she finds it disgusting to see Reese Witherspoon performing in the films like Walk the Line. Paltrow asks why Witherspoon chooses to play in all those stupid romantic comedies and suggests that she does it for money. After such utterances, Gwyneth’s statement that her main life lesson is to be able to spit on the opinions of others does not seem surprising.

Bruce Willis


The list of actors, who regularly spoil the life and mood of all other participants of the shooting process, includes the name of Bruce Willis. The star of “Die Hard” strongly emphasizes his status and refuses to fulfill the terms of the contract. For example, he does not take part in promotional filming, photo shoots and interviews. The scale of the problem revealed itself at the party, commemorating the shooting of a not very successful comedy “Cop Out”. Director Kevin Smith gave a speech, concluding it with the words: “I want to thank everyone, who worked on this film… except for Bruce Willis, who is a f*cking d*ck.”

Lindsay Lohan


Making the life of your colleagues a real hell is one of Lindsay Lohan’s favorite pastimes. The lady, better known for her outrageous behavior than for her movies, behaves on the set as if the whole success of the project rested on her. According to one of the assistants, who worked with her during the filming of the “Anger Management” series, Lohan disrupted and delayed the work from the very first day of her involvement. She could refuse to come out of her trailer all day; she could leave the set earlier not to miss her boyfriend’s concert. She literally terrorized every colleague.

Sharon Stone


One of the major Hollywood divas, Sharon Stone worked hard to be the one who she is today. The actress demands a lot on herself and others. Some people may have spent much time in the movie industry and even succeeded, but they get no recognition from colleagues, which is very important. Sharon certainly deserves her colleagues’ recognition, but her former subordinates can hardly preserve their good attitude to her. The actress’ former assistant openly spoke about his experience of working with the star. He said he had spent a couple of months as her personal assistant and was sure that she had become his most hated person on the planet! It was simply unbearable because the actress constantly yelled at him. And when she did not scream, she kept humiliating him.

Katherine Heigl


The easiest way to destroy your career in Hollywood is to spoil your reputation. Katherine Heigl stays without roles more and more often and is excluded from various projects because of her bad temper. The actress has not given any positive response to any film, which she starred in. She was either dissatisfied with the partners, or the script seemed mediocre to her. In addition, Heigl constantly criticizes the work of stylists on the set. She requires special conditions for herself and refuses to come out of the trailer, if her demands are not fulfilled. However, some directors face the risk of inviting her to star in movies and often regret after doing so.

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