Celebrities Who’ve Survived Murder Attempts

Fans come in different sizes, and some of them are perfectly able to work themselves up to shed blood – not their own, but other people, and sometimes their icon’s. The Beatles fans still shudder at the mention of Mark Chapman’s brazen assassination of John Lennon. Also there was John Hinckley Jr, who was ready to do away with Ronald Reagan if it guaranteed him Jodie Foster’s favors. The silver lining in these dreadful occurrences is that some of these unstable chaps are so unstable that they bungle the job. Below are ten cases in which celebrities happily failed to get murdered.

George Harrison

George Harrison was assumingly preparing to celebrate the New Year of 2000, when maniacally minded Liverpool citizen Michael Abram decided to put a stop to devilry. On December 30, 1999 Abram, armed with a knife, unlawfully effected breaking and entering into the guitarist’s Oxfordshire estate. Upon seeing Harrison and Olivia, his second wife, he burst into abusive screams. The My Sweet Lord singer grappled with him in an attempt to disarm him. Yet Abram managed to stab his victim repeatedly in the chest, after which snatched a lamp cord and tried to throttle Olivia. He was stopped by the timely arrival of the police.

According to Abram, the Beatles were malevolent wizards, therefore he was entrusted by God to eliminate Harrison who was the reincarnation of the Devil Himself. The heavenly avenger was pronounced not guilty as one insane, upon which he was committed to an asylum. He was set free in 2002. By that time Harrison was dead having succumbed to cancer.


Ricardo Lopez was a typical obsessive stalker. He was enthralled with Icelandic singer Björk and took his enthrallment a long way. He wrote a 800-page-plus diary dealing heavily with Björk, homicide and suicide. When in 1996 he learned that the singer entered into a relationship, he found the thought unbearable.

Lopez filmed a video in which he ranted for 20 hours and then some, and proceeded to prepare a parcel for Björk with a hollowed-out book which hid a bomb. Fortunately, the police intercepted the parcel as suspicious, and the singer was out of danger. The last thing Lopez did was shoot himself to a Björk song – he filmed that, too.

Victoria Beckham

Back in 2000, a plot came to the police’s attention to kidnap the famous singer and designer together with her son, Brooklyn. Following the discovery, both the celeb and her son went into hiding until the coast was considered to be clear.

The troublesome year yielded another potential danger. As the Spice Girls were preparing for their appearance at the Brit awards, on Beckham’s body was noticed a red spot like from a sniper’s rifle. Immediately the singer was pulled away into hiding. No shots ensued.

The year’s occurrences made the Beckhams sit up and strengthen their security measures.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay does not only discourse about cooking on TV and runs restaurants. This blunt fellow is up in arms to get illegal shark fishers. He was knocking together a BBC documentary about it dubbed Gordon’s Shark Bait, and in pursuance of the project visited Costa Rica where shark fin trade is going strong.

This caused the illegal network to take steps, and they sent several gangsters to the set. They brought some gasoline and poured it on Ramsay and other members of his crew. Then they aimed guns at them and said if they went on with filming they would be gunned down. The local police are said to have enjoined the noted chef and his crew to leave the country.

Miley Cyrus

The award-winning recording artist Miley Cyrus might have died a terrible death right on the stage! When the FBI apprehended a teenager who was trying to take along some rope, tape and several pairs of handcuffs on board a plane in 2008, a devilish assassination plot came to light. The infatuated young fellow was going to hijack a plane full of passengers and direct it into the venue in Louisiana where a Miley Cyrus concert had been scheduled.

At first, the FBI tried to play it light, but then had to admit that the adolescent meant to do just that, and they treated the threat as legitimate.


The pop diva had a very persistent stalker named Robert Dewey Hoskins who had been plaguing her for a long time. Hoskins was reportedly determined either to marry the celebrity or kill her. In 1996, he climbed over the fence of Madonna’s compound in Hollywood Hills – and ran into a bodyguard who fires at him. Ironically, Madonna was away on that day, but when she returned, she testified against the importunate intruder.

Hoskins ended up in a Los Angeles asylum for other offences, and effected an escape in 2012, but was quickly run to earth and reinstalled in the hospital.

Sir Mick Jagger

Following an ignominious scandal of 1969 when Hell’s Angel bikers were providing security at the Rolling Stones concerts and one of them knifed a fan, Jagger decided to part company with the gang. A few of Hell’s Angels got fired up to retaliate and thought it fit to murder the singer.

They sailed out in a boat to his estate in Long Island, New York – but never got there. A gale came their way and sank their boat.

Sandra Bullock

It’s always glaringly ignominious to face a stalker in your own home where you want to feel safe. But it fell to Sandra Bullock to encounter an over-ardent stalker in her own parlor, unannounced.

One Joshua James Corbett, enundated with the loving feeling, arranged his entrance carefully. First, he reconnoitered the turf for a few days roaming around her premises. According to the story published in USA Today, on June 8, 2015, he finally forced his way inside. Corbett was carrying a notebook full of avowals of his everlasting affection for the actress. He also had a letter to deliver, expressing his feelings. It was signed, “Always and forever, Love, your husband.”

When Bullock caught sight of an intruder, she took refuge in a closet and dialed 911. The guy was taken into custody. News.com.au published a detailed account of Corbett’s love journal. It contained outpourings about his love, fantasizing about engaging in sex with the celebrity, as well as a precise description of the security measures installed in the place.

The US Weekly adds that the actress saw Corbett stepping out of the bathroom and intent on getting into bed. There is no telling how long he had been loafing about the bathroom – it may have been ever since she had entered it.

The question is whether Corbett was also carrying a weapon with him. Actually, in his home were found various weapons including machine guns, so the man was charged with illegal possession of arms.

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