Celebrities with Shocking Habits

It would be marvelous to take celebrities’ guidance on achieving success and thinking creatively; emulating all their habits might be not so appropriate for their fans.

We can’t get away from rotten habits, nor can celebrities, even when they are pressed to present their best front or do the best for their overall health – and some of them fall back on habits that you would hardly want to emulate.

Brad Pitt tries to avoid bathing

A star in a succession of movies, Brad Pitt is a person people would crowd to approach – but if we are to give credit to what they say about his hygienic habits, we may not want to stay around for very long.

The world-famous actor is said to go without bathing for days and weeks on end, making clean with the assistance of wet wipes in the ultimate belief it will suffice for his hygienic needs.

Jessica Simpson neglects teeth brushing from time to time

For Simpson three or four teeth-brushing sessions per week is quite enough, with additional wiping with wet cloth or a rag when required. It hardly makes her teeth happy.

Katy Perry goes overboard with brushing her teeth

Teeth seem to be very important for Katy Perry, since she is so attentive to them. A dazzling smile requires some work to be put in, maybe it’s for that reason Perry goes for her teeth with a brush as frequently as she can, six, seven times each day.

Naturally, it’s great to treat the ivories to a good brush-up, but then again, there’s a chance of overdoing things. Too much brushing – if it is done roughly enough – can wear teeth out, and it’s not good at all. Hopefully Perry’s chompers won’t suffer from her excesses.

Robert Pattinson’s hair goes without too much washing

If you ever admired Pattinson’s picturesque mane, be informed that it is highly likely to be unwashed. He was quite open about it, disclosing that he may go about with his hair untended for a month and more. According to him, he couldn’t care less about it, for he sees no real reason to.

Do all the Twilight fans know about it?

Snooki believes in cat litter for exfoliating

If there is one quaint person, it is Snooki, who turns up with outlandish remarks now and again. So, once she blurted out that she tends to do her exfoliating with cat litter. Apart from the fact that it isn’t intended for that purpose, experts spoke against defoliating with cat litter for it contains the wrong chemicals.

Sofia Vergara is coffee-crazy

Coffee first thing in the morning is a very nice start of the day, many of us do need draughts of good black to bolster ourselves some, but Vergara adds to the habit an interesting touch: she won’t speak to her husband until after she has drunk her cuppa. The good man must feel neglected.

Orlando Bloom and doing laundry don’t connect

A world-famous actor can throw worn clothes away, get a new outfit and care no more. Although, even if you can afford that, it doesn’t follow that it’s what you better do. It just shows that Bloom fails to appreciate his clothes – even if you are not overfond of laundering, the negligence seems to be arrant.

His divorced wife Miranda Kerr was supposed to have told him about the necessity of laundering clothes, but Bloom appears to have turned a deaf ear to her admonitions. It ought to be difficult, living with somebody so careless and unhygienic.

Cameron Diaz is hard on her clothes

Diaz frequently either forgets or forgoes to use deodorants. It is a glum habit, especially if you don’t change clothes that often – and she doesn’t. Diaz can go about without changing for 3 or 4 days. It could be all right if it were a chance occasion, with a lavish use of deodorant, but it’s definitely not the way she wears her things.

After such wear the clothes can be ruined to all intents and purposes, there’s no use laundering them. Getting rid of them is the only thing left.

Jennifer Aniston collects makeup

Aniston doesn’t like to purchase new cosmetic kits – what is the point if she has got a lot of old ones? She objects very much to disposing of her good old makeup stuff, some of which – as she said herself – dates back to 10 years ago. It’s a big question how she uses the stuff, because it must have gone dry and completely unusable.

Supposing it kept – all the same, it must be teeming with bacteria by now, and bringing it in contact with the sensitive skin on the face can constitute a menace. You really shouldn’t keep your beauty products after a year passed, and all the amassed bacteria should go straight to the bin.

Angelina Jolie’s cockroach diet

A-lister as she is, Jolie is nevertheless peculiar in some ways. From Camobodia, the country where she stayed for quite a while, she brought back a predilection for a certain food that is not quite acceptable in the West. One of her favorite snacks now is cockroaches! Of course, they are known to be protein-rich, but the best bet would be foг them to be served out of recognition. How are they served to Jolie is best to be omitted.

Courteney Cox and deodorants are world apart

While many people prefer exuding nice smells, but it seems that doesn‘t go for Courteney Cox. She steers clear of deodorants, and there are people who complained of her staying around them, including her set sessions. Small wonder, considering the fact that Cox prefers to smell naturally and doesn’t invest in any deodorants.

Her former husband got used to this habit of hers: as David Arquette admitted, he even rather liked it when she smelled to high heaven.