Swedish Nutritionist Shares the List of the Healthiest Affordable Foods

Nutritionist Kristina Andersson from Sweden has dispelled the myth that a person has to spend more on healthy food than on fast food. The expert listed 7 most useful and inexpensive products.

So, a nutritionist recommends not to avoid eating onions, which contain a large number of beneficial trace elements and antioxidants.

Svenska Dagbladet quotes the specialist saying that onions have a bactericidal effect and contain many interesting vitamins and substances such as calcium, iron, and selenium.

For those with stomach problems, Andersson advised eating processed onions. She also named cabbage and potatoes among budgetary and healthy products. The nutritionist stressed that all types of cabbage are equally useful. She also recalled that this product contains trace elements that protect against cancer. At the same time, the expert does not advise those with gastrointestinal problems to eat raw cabbage.
Andersson also believes that potatoes are undeservedly “dishonored” by nutritionists.

“Potatoes actually top the list of foods that are best satiating per calorie. And one of the reasons is that they just aren’t particularly high in calories,” said the nutritionist.

Among other things, she advises eating root vegetables, whole grains, as well as dried beans and eggs.

Earlier, the nutritionist gave advice for those wishing to lose weight.

The nutritionist advised those who are losing weight to eating fruits and berries as a snack. She explained this choice by the fact that they have a lot of fiber. Apples and oranges can give you a feeling of fullness. Nuts are also a healthy snack. They will saturate the body with nutrients. However, one must remember their high-calorie content and not exceed the norm of 30 grams per day.

Meat for lunch will help reduce your total calories by about 12%, which will help you lose weight.

You cannot give up bread at all. Choose whole-grain bread instead of the regular white one. In addition, whole grain cereals and pasta have a low energy density, therefore they will saturate the body better than the foods made from whole grains.

The nutritionist also advised eating quinoa. This cereal contains essential amino acids and a lot of protein.