5 Fashion Faux Pas We All Make in Fall

Are there any style rules for the fall? You will be surprised, but there are some, and many ladies break them. Don’t make these 5 mistakes when choosing a wardrobe for the fall of 2020. Don’t wear out-of-date trends! Here’s how to make your outfit more modern.

Wrong tights

Choosing tights is a science. They can be too thin, dense, or shiny. And all of this is a mistake. If everything is clear with shining lycra tights (you should forget about them until the wild trend from the 2000s returns), everything is complicated with the density of tights.

Be guided not only by the weather but also by your outfit. Do not wear too tight microfiber tights with a chiffon dress, and do not wear wool skirts with 20 denier tights.

Bare ankles

A couple of years ago fashion mocked at us, but everything has finally changed now. Cropped jeans and trousers are still relevant, and bare ankles between them and shoes are not. The colder it is outside, the more noticeable your mistake is.

Select a few pairs of fun long socks to keep you warm. The trend is to have cute drawings from childhood, a print with dogs, and we also foresee a new combination: a mask and the socks matching it.

A thin cardigan or jacket

Texture and dense materials are fashionable now. This means that thin “rag” jackets, which many people take out of their wardrobes in the fall, should be sent for recycling: they will make the image cheap and old-fashioned. The same can be said about jackets made of fine fabrics that do not keep their shape. Such models look especially ridiculous on thicker blouses, hoodies, and sweaters.

Pay attention to textured materials. Cardigans of large knit and thick jackets that keep their shape even on a hanger are relevant.

Tight coat

Oversize is trendy now, but wrapping yourself in huge cocoons is not the thing you need, if you don’t want to. The main thing is not to choose too tight things (see the shoulder seam).

An overly narrow coat looks out of date, but most importantly, it hinders movement. Also, you can’t put it on a sweater – which means there is a risk of freezing.

Summer shorts and skirts

We also dream of prolonging the warm season, but it will not stay there thanks to summer clothes. But fall outfits with short denim shorts or thin miniskirts and dense tights will look ridiculous.

It is quite possible to find universal things for any season of the year, but you should not wear everything in any season. We boldly change denim minis for maxi items: such models from the 2000s are especially relevant now.