Celebs Who Are Estranged from Their Families

While most people enjoy living among their nearest and dearest, there are some that, for one reason or another, have become estranged from the closest members of their family. Celebrities not excluded! Do you know what family ties have been severed in the lives of people you know very well?

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston’s mother Nancy may have made a mistake in writing her book From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir, much of which is devoted to her relationship with her daughter, because it brought about the estrangement from Jennifer. Memoirs can be dangerous!

Anthony Hopkins

As became known recently, for twenty years no communication has been going on between Sir Anthony Hopkins, a famous theatre and cinema personality, and his daughter Abigail.

Hopkins has recently owned up that he is unaware of any particulars about the life of his daughter, since there is no communication going on at all.

Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones has a son living in New Jersey, known as Joe Jones (born Jonthan Berkery). He has never seen his illustrious father, being a son of the singer‘s occasional lover – Sir Tom has been sleeping around a lot during his tours. Joe Jones is believed to be homeless and live in a shelter.

Kelly Rowland

The singer has no contact with her father. Christopher Lovett, a heavy drinker, was abandoned by her mother, and seven-year-old Kelendria went with her. Since then she hasn’t seen or heard from him.

Mel B

Melanie Brown, the Scary Spice, incurred her family’s displeasure when she married Stephen Belafonte. While she was with him, the singer broke all contact with her family and resumed it after the couple divorced, nine years later.

Christina Aguilera

The Aguilera family split up when the little singer turned six. Since then she never saw her father Fausto Xavier, nor any of his relatives – although she said she would be interested to look him up.

Macaulay Culkin

At a young age of 14 Macaulay Culkin received legal emancipation from his family. When, about the same time, his parents separated, Culkin lost touch with his father Christopher, and hasn’t seen him since back then.


It is believed that Adele hasn’t been in contact with her dad Marc Evans for long years. She was a two-year-old baby when Evans disappeared from her and her mother’s lives. Speaking with the Daily Mail some years ago the recording artist expressed her wish that it would have been absolutely different way back then.

Drew Barrymore

The author of a memoir aptly called Wildflower, Barrymore arranged to be emancipated from her parents at the age 15. She had no relationship to speak of with her father and very little of that with her mother. Her estrangement from mother – as she owned up in 2014 – was one of the aggravating points in her life. The actress admits that they can’t be together as of now, but she mentions guilt and sensitivity, accentuating that she feels no anger towards her.

Nicole Kidman

As you know from tabloid reports, the celebrated Companion of the Order of Australia fails to establish harmonious relationship with her adopted daughter Isabella and son Connor.

Kate Hudson

The actress‘ parents, singer Bill Hudson and actress Goldie Hawn, dissolved their marriage soon after her birth. Her biological father has been irretrievably lost to her since then, and she looks upon her mother’s partner of more than 30 years, Kurt Russell, as her father figure.

Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson’s father has been absent from her life since she was around 6, and, although rumor has it that he would like to make it up with Kelly, the singer-cum-actress is not in a hurry to acquiesce. In 2016 in a talk with Ryan Seacrest she voiced her opinion that loving people is something utterly beyond her father.

Jon Voight

Angelina Jolie’s father rocked the boat when it got bruited about that Voight was unfaithful to his wife and Jolie’s mom Marcheline Bertrand. Although they seem to have resolved their difficulties in 2002, Voight chose to discuss Angelina’s mental state in public, an outrage that prompted Jolie to stay away from her dad for years and years.


Eminem grew up fatherless – his dad left the family when little Marshall wasn’t yet two. Then, in 1999, a conflict with his mother erupted due to his lyrics of the song My Name Is. The following lawsuit created an estrangement that lasted till 2013 when Eminem offered an apology in the Headlights song.

Courtney Love

The late iconic musician Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love begot a daughter named Frances Bean Cobain. When she turned 17, Frances filed for a restraining order against her mom and it resulted in a long estrangement. They were said to have patched it up in 2016, and are now trying to build up a harmonious relationship.