A-List Celebrities Suffering from Depression

We usually picture celebrities clothed in their resplendent screen glory, unclouded by concerns, but their personal life can be vastly different from the outward appearance. Ensconced within their huge homes, some of them may be at this very moment struggling with a bout of mortifying depression. No matter how much money they have, how widespread their fame is, all these can do nothing to extirpate the besieging feelings of abandonment, anxiety and fear that make up a deadly depressive blend bending them down.

Johnny Depp

When we watch Depp in a movie, he creates a convincing portrayal, yet at interviews, he comes across as a person he really is – a deeply anxious individual betraying his inner worries through his dolorous face, sagging pose, and muttering speech.

His anxiety is so overwhelming that it often interferes seriously with his life and work so that he has to have a therapist handy all the time, filming time included.

Katy Perry

The singer has her bouts of depression, which she spoke about on a 96-hour YouTube livestream, on the Viceland The Therapist channel. It was a highly-strung talk hosted by Siri Sat Nam Singh. According to the artist she decided to be totally open with her fans and not to conceal her issues.

Gwyneth Paltrow

With 14 awards under her belt, Paltrow is not a happy individual by a long chalk. Following her father’s demise in 2002 she underwent a bout of clinical depression, and worse was to come four years later, upon the birth of son Moses which resulted in a months-long struggle with postpartum depression. “I felt like a zombie,” the actress revealed.

Chris Evans

In real life Captain America is such an anxiety-engulfed person that he might have not been Captain at all – he kept rejecting Marvel‘s offer of a series of nine movies fearing that the ensuing popularity would aggravate his anxious condition. Finally, he gave in, as we all know, won over by a lavish salary and cutdown on the number of movies. He belongs with the highest-paid actors in the world, yet his anxiety is so severe that he suffers from depression.

Cara Delevingne

Another person with few career and money problems but grave health issues, London belle Delevingne wasn’t out of her teens yet when she had fame and fortune piled up at her feet. At 15 the schoolgirl supermodel found herself prey to self-hatred, depressive attacks and onsets of anxiety. By now she has coped and is quite able to keep her depression in check well enough to pursue her career in publishing and movie-making industries.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow has had nine Grammys, a brain tumor found to be benign, and breast cancer, among other things. This kind of life proved to be enough to plunge her into depths of depression. Discussing her condition with The Telegraph (London) in 2014, she described it as having “a strong sense of melancholy.”

Jim Carrey

The brilliant slapstick comedian has a disposition to a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. He spoke out much about how he appreciated life which is better led without muddying with drugs or alcohol. Nevertheless, he would have dark patches and owned up to reverting to antidepressants at times.

Robin Williams

Another comedian gone down, whose suicide six years ago came as a sudden blow to his numerous fans, had lived in a welter of depressive bouts exacerbated by intake of alcohol and substances. He was good enough to earn the Academy Award, but he may have had dementia and definitely suffered from Parkinson’s.

Lady Gaga

According to the pop diva, she doesn’t even remember a time when she was not depressive or anxious. She wasn’t able to cope without medication. Gaga is veracious about it and, speaking to the Billboard reporters, said that in her opinion it is worth everybody’s while to be open about their mental issues.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ten years ago, when Catherine Zeta-Jones’s then 10-year-long husband Michael Douglas developed tongue cancer, the actress had an onset of her own illness: she retreated to a rehab facility in Connecticut to undergo treatment for bipolar II disorder.

Bipolar II, a rarer diagnosis than bipolar I, also involves switching between the conditions of hypomania and depression, but they are more often in a depressive state.

Dwayne Johnson

The ring pro and footballer-turned actor grabs money in thick wads, but it doesn’t shield him from depression. Yes, his is not the easiest life, for instance, at 15 he prevented his mother’s suicide attempt. He was open about his condition with the Express, expatiating on the reality of depressive pains and the necessity to fight them off. Besides, he spoke against the wish to keep depression in. Openness takes courage, and it is worth the effort.

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