6 Things to Expect with Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a grooming staple that most women find tiresome. Shaving and waxing are the cheapest and most accessible methods, but the results are only temporary. On the other hand, there’s laser hair removal, which holds the promise of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair. But before you book your first appointment at a clinic, make sure that you know exactly what to expect with the procedure. Here are essential facts for those contemplating laser hair removal.

You need to be patient to see the results

If you want to completely eliminate all unwanted hair in a specific area on your body, patience is the key. According to the Surrey Laser Clinic, you need to wait at least a couple of weeks after your first treatment to notice real results. Of course, depending on the amount of hair and the speed at which each hair follicle grows, a period of 12 weeks should be sufficient to complete your treatment. Consistency is also essential, and you shouldn’t miss any of your appointments.

You can’t go to the gym or sunbathe for a while

Within 24 hours after treatment, you shouldn’t go to a sauna or workout at the gym. Hot showers are also discouraged since your skin retains the laser heat, which becomes a potential breeding ground for bacteria when exposed to more heat. Similarly, sunbathing and prolonged sun exposure is not good for your skin before and after laser hair treatment. It would be best if you chose a schedule that won’t conflict with any of your planned vacation days.

You’ll need to replace or remove some of your beauty products

Exfoliating products such as scrubs, retinol serum, and creams should be avoided at least two days before or after treatment. To avoid dry skin, you may need to use more moisturisers containing mild ingredients. If you regularly use chemical peeling creams on your face, you’ll need to wait at least two weeks after your last appointment to use them again.

Laser hair removal eliminates ingrown hair

Ingrown hair is a common problem if you typically shave or wax. It can be quite irritating, and at times painful when you have plenty of ingrown hair. The good thing is, laser hair removal will not only permanently reduce hair growth but could also eliminate ingrown hairs. With laser treatment, your skin will be smoother and clearer over time.

It’s the perfect solution for all skin types and skin tones

If the hair is too light, it may not absorb the laser. But, as long as it’s dark enough, the treatment should work. Laser hair removal is effective regardless of skin type and skin tone. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consult with the dermatologist first to determine the efficacy of the procedure.

Hormonal changes may cause hair to grow back

For most people who undergo the procedure, the treatment should result in up to 90% reduced hair growth. However, hormonal changes and imbalances could cause hair to grow back. As such, top-up treatments are necessary weeks after your last appointment.

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