Interesting Facts about Japan

The Land of the Rising sun never ceases to amaze people. Japanese fashion, food, culture, traditions seem just crazy to an average European citizen. We have collected 20 interesting facts about Japan to amuse our readers.


1. Champing means good manners

In Japan, eating loudly is not considered a lack of culture, but rather the contrary. When a person champs food loudly, it means that he or she is enjoying it.

2. The most educated nation

Japan is one of the most educated nations in the world. The literacy rate in the country is striking: 99% of Japanese children over the age of 15 are literate.

3. Melon for decoration


Japan is obviously not the best place to buy a melon. The Japanese buy them mainly for table decoration, so a melon can cost up to $ 400.

4. Bald head means remorse

People who shave their heads show their remorse for loss of honor and violation of generally accepted rules. Hair loss used to be the biggest shame for the samurai.

5. Geisha men


The first geisha were men. They appeared in Kyoto in the seventeenth century to entertain people.

6. Experimental dogs

The Japanese do too much inbreeding experiments with dogs, so dogs in this country have birth defects more often than in others. Many dogs are born with brain defects or weakened bones.

7. Beer vending machines


Some Japanese vending machines sell beer. This is because juveniles in Japan hardly ever drive.

8. Empty Orchestra


“Karaoke” is a Japanese term that means “empty orchestra”. The global market for karaoke today is estimated at about $ 1 billion.

9. A bath for the whole family

For a Japanese family, it is quite normal to bathe without changing the water. The eldest person takes a bath first, the children – last.

10. Where the streets have no names


Many streets in Japan do not have names. The exceptions are Kyoto and some Hokkaido cities.

11. A boy for the nation’s glory

Japanese childless couples in 98% of cases prefer to adopt boys. This practice originated in Japan in the 13th century to support the nation’s social and economic mobility.

12. The nation is aging

In Japan there are more animals than children. Young Japanese more and more often choose not to have children. The nation is aging, and the number of young people has been steadily declining.

13. Adult diapers are trendy


Diapers for adults in Japan are more popular than diapers for babies. It is because the number of elderly people in the country runs high.

14. Night discos forbidden


In Japan, dancing late at night is banned. You have to obtain a special permit for this.

15. Gate Tower Building


In Japan, there is the highway passing through a building – Gate Tower Building in Osaka.

16. Manga for all

In Japan, more paper is used to publish comic books than to produce toilet paper. No kidding, everyone loves manga.

17. 99% of the population are Japanese


Japan has one of the lowest rates of immigrants in the country. 99% of its population are Japanese.

18. KFC on Christmas


Many Japanese celebrate Christmas in the KFC restaurant. Since December 1974, fried chicken in the Land of the Rising Sun is considered a Christmas meal, like a turkey in the United States.

19. Japanese snowmen – daruki


Japanese snowmen consist of only two snowballs and resemble traditional daruki dolls.

20. Eating on the run is mauvais ton

The Japanese never eat on the run. Eating and walking at the same time is considered bad manners. Having a snack on the Japanese subway is also frowned upon.

So, now can see that Japan is a unique country with very beautiful views.

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