Photo Lighting Tips to Improve Your Photography

Are you failing to light your photographs properly, and is your subject hard to see? Do you understand the importance of a great light setup?

Part of taking great photos is using amazing lighting techniques, so you should be sure to learn about the basics before you try to take a great shot. Good photography lighting will be the difference between taking photos that look professional and amateur.

Read on for a few simple photo lighting tips that you can use to improve your photography skills.

Use Natural Light

One of the best things that you can do to improve lighting for your photos is to take them outside.

Whenever possible, taking outdoor shots can be a great way to go. If it’s a sunny day, you won’t need to worry about having a complex lighting setup or trying to do a lot to make your subject look great.

While not every type of photo calls for it, shooting in natural light can allow you to get great-looking photos in a straightforward way.

Use Flash Wisely

Remember that you shouldn’t just rely on the flash when trying to take a great photo. You should use the flash to fill in your scene and ensure that you’re eliminating shadows as needed.

As an addition to another, broader light source, a camera flash can help to fill in shadows and help you eliminate any problematic lighting that’s coming in from the back or side of a subject.

Keep in mind that if you want to remove a background from your photos, there are options. You may want to use Adobe’s free online background remover to do it.

Change the Positioning

In addition to altering the light sources that you use, altering the position of your subject can also be helpful.

You’ll want to be sure that there is a light source to your subject’s side if possible and avoid putting light behind the subject and only getting a silhouette. You’ll also want to avoid shining light directly on someone’s face since it can be a bit too harsh.

Side lighting is the best option. Aim to light the subject on both sides to ensure that you see them clearly.

Capture More Light

Be sure that you try shooting with a slow shutter speed and wider aperture if you don’t have a lot of light. This will work better than a flash and will help ensure that you aren’t getting too much contrast between the area that’s lit up and the rest of your shot.

A slower shutter speed and wider aperture will allow you to capture the light that you have available more easily and will make your photo look better when all is said and done.

Experiment More

One of the main things that you should remember when trying to improve lighting as a photographer is that you should always be experimenting and trying new things. Learn how to change the lighting on your own and try different things to see what works and what you like the look of the most.

When in doubt, try something new with lighting, and experiment. Eventually, you’ll get a feel for what works best for you and what your preferences are.

Using These Tips to Improve Photo Lighting

If you want to improve photo lighting, be sure that you follow the tips listed above. Using more natural light, improving the positioning, and experimenting will help you take better shots than ever before.

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