Here’s What Your Family Needs to Do in 2022

2022 is well underway, and you may be worrying about all the things that need to get done for your family this year. Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a list of the top six tasks every family ought to tackle to make this year a success.

Schedule All Yearly Appointments

The health of your family is one of the most important duties you should address before the year gets away from you. Oral health, physical health, and mental health require different kinds of professional attention, and some can be readily booked several months in advance.

Finding a therapist, for instance, isn’t a one-stop shopping expedition. It takes time to find the right caregiver for your family member’s specific needs.

Make a list of the needs of every person in your family, such as dental implants in Denver North for Dad, a new therapist in the metro Denver area for Mom, or your child’s physical exam to join the soccer team.

Keep a Calendar of All School and Extracurricular Events

Between football games, parent-teacher conferences, and school plays, you might end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Sit down with your calendar and note every school event and extracurricular activity.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll know whether you need to take off any particular days from work or to coordinate pick-up times with other parents. Plus, you’ll never miss a pivotal moment in your son or daughter’s life.

Make a List of Work Functions

Depending on your line of work, you may have to travel or participate in other professional events. Make a list of every projected work activity that might be coming up.

It’s understandable if you don’t know exactly when these events will take place. But noting a rough estimate for all of them in one place will let you see which months you might not be available for extra travel; or when you’ll have to hire a dog sitter for the family fur baby.

Add Important Dates to the Calendar

All dates might seem important, but others have a greater personal value that you won’t want to forget. Make sure to add all the crucial dates such as birthdays and anniversaries to your calendar.

If you do, then you’ll have plenty of time to buy a unique flower gift for grandma or plan a spectacular birthday party for your daughter.

Plan Out Vacations Ahead of Time

Now that you know which particular events will be coming up throughout the year and when you’re ready to plan when to take your next family vacation. Take a look at the days your children already have off of schools such as summer, various holiday breaks, and long weekends.

Coordinate those days with some of the holidays you will (or might) get off work, or based on how much paid time off you’ve accumulated. Believe us when we say that it’s less stressful if you plan it far in advance.

Schedule Weekly Family Time

After your planning is all said and done, it may not look like there’s much time for your family to connect. But this is one of the most important items you should add to your family checklist.

Schedule weekly family time. On the same day and time every week, dedicate a period to putting away your phones and spending quality time together. You might play games, watch a movie, or catch up on what’s been happening over the past week.


Taking control of your calendar and getting ahead of the year can seem awfully regimented, as well as a heavy burden. But it doesn’t have to be. If you set some time aside, you can cite every major upcoming event on your calendar.

Buy a special planner or input all the details digitally so they’re accessible through the cloud. Whatever you prefer, your family checklist will require you to get organized. Rest assured, your future self will thank you for doing it.

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