25 Unique Flower Gifts Ideas for Family and Friends

More than 75% of people in the United States consider giving flowers to be a thoughtful action. Getting flowers can make someone feel special and recognized. They are the perfect gift for anyone you love. Although people love to get flowers, you may want to find something more unique for your friends and family. Continue reading to discover some of the best flower gift ideas to give to your closest loved ones!

1. Growing Kit

One of the best flower gift ideas that you can get someone is a growing kit.

Giving someone a growing kit can help them learn about the growing process and watch the development before their very own eyes. Seeds take an average of 90 days to bloom. This time includes germination, flowering, and everything in between.

2. Paper Flower Centerpiece

Do you know someone that hosts events at their home and always has the cutest decorations?

Gifting them a paper flower centerpiece can be a perfect idea and is unique. Paper flowers sometimes look like foam but add a cool look to any rustic style. You can find simple centerpieces with these flowers or large ones that will impress every guest.

3. Multi-purpose Vase

It’s nearly 2020 and it’s no surprise that you can find flower vases that double as a phone stand!

If you have a friend that is constantly on their phone, you should consider getting them this gift. Gifting them a phone stand vase will give them the chance to smell the roses and enjoy the little things, even when it’s 20 degrees outside.

4. Lollipops

If you have a family member with a sweet tooth, flower blooming lollipops can be the perfect gift.

These lollipops are infused with flower petals that add a unique taste to the candy. They are typically organic and made with natural ingredients. Don’t be afraid to try and make your own if you want to get creative!

5. Flower Subscription

Do you know someone that can’t choose a favorite flower because they love them all?

You can get a flower gift subscription for them to get a new flower bouquet each month. This is a great way to get them to discover new types of flowers and appreciate what the season has to offer.

6. Flower Candles

Candles infused with dry flowers can add a soft and subtle aroma that your family will want to add to their home.

You can get unscented candles with flower petals in the wax to develop a unique scent. Combine any type of flower in the candle to create a particular scent that is unique to your loved one.

7. Cutting Board

Friends and family that are always spending spare time in the kitchen will love a flower-shaped cutting board.

A flower cutting board can be a great way for them to display snacks in the spring and summer. It will also bring a smile to their face every time they have to prep food.

8. Sticky Wall Vase

One of the biggest flower trends right now is sticky vases that can go practically anywhere.

The vases are small but fun. They are made of rubber and can hold several flowers and be stuck to nearly any object. You can purchase them with a sticky side or magnet. They make the perfect gift for your friend who loves picking wildflowers.

9. Flower Earrings

A unique gift for friends and family is flower earrings.

You can find all types of designs for flower materials, but one of the most unique types involves dried flowers. Dried flowers can be included in dangly earrings that show off your best friend’s or sister’s birth month.

10. Stained Glass

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult.

However, seeing stained glass in a flower design will make gift buying a whole lot easier. Flower stained glass can bring in beautiful colors to the home and make sunny days feel magical for your loved ones.

11. Bowls

If you want to find a unique gift for your friend that just got married, flower bowls make the perfect gift.

Flower bowls are made with a large flower and it’s petals. Typically clay or a clear surface is surrounding these flowers to keep them protected and preserved. Flower bowls are perfect for holding wedding rings and night and while doing dishes.

12. Mood Lamp

A cool gift that you could get your friends is a mood lamp that has hydrangeas inside!

A hydrangea mood lamp is unique. Your secret Santa and friends won’t already have this gift but everyone will want it. You can look online for a variety of flower and color options available.

13. Power Bank

Technology is on the rise and some people like to get their flower fill by looking at beautiful pictures from all around the world.

Gifting a flower designed power bank can help give your loved one the battery power to watch more videos and pictures. This is also the perfect gift for the person that is constantly working.

A flower power bank will help keep your loved one working towards their dreams and bloom to their full potential.

14. Jam

If you have a foodie friend or family member, you will want to open their eyes to wildflower jam.

Wildflower jam is not as common but it creates an amazing flavor. They can add this jam to their toast or even bake with it if they feel daring enough. Jam is also the perfect gift for that difficult person to shop for.

If you want to get someone more than just jam, you can add flower jams to a gift basket.

15. Soap Flowers

Not all flower gifts have to include real flowers.

Some flower gifts are meant to leave you smelling like a freshly bloomed flower on a summer day. Soap flowers are made with detail and can make your shower look like a botanical garden.

They are the perfect gift for your friend that loves to lounge in the bath! You can also get your friends and family fun colored flower bath bombs. Bath bombs can be infused with flower petals and natural oils that make any bath feel luxurious.

16. Flower Wall Art

There are many different types of wall decor that you can get for a flower-loving friend.

A cool idea for a gift is a map of the United States that has all of the state’s flowers on it. Did you know that Michigan’s state flower is the Apple Blossom? Your friend can learn all about the states and which flower represents each one.

Some wall art is painted with actual flower petals that create a unique texture to a painting. Don’t be afraid to make your wallflower art if you want to show your creative side!

17. Planter Holder

Those living in a small home or apartment will be able to appreciate a flower plant holder for their home.

You can find a variety of styles and sizes of planter holders. Don’t be afraid to find ones in fun designs like flamingos and trucks that add a special look to the home. Who says you can’t decorate will holding flower pots?

Any plant lover will enjoy getting a planter holder. They help keep plants off the ground and make the room and yard look less cluttered.

18. Cocktail Kit

Drink cocktails come in all sorts of flavors, including flowers!

If you know someone that enjoys drinking champagne and liquor, a flower cocktail kit is a perfect gift.

Violets, roses, and lavender all add a unique taste to cocktails and can make your friends feel like a professional!

Champagne is a perfect mixer when trying flowers in your cocktails. Because it has such a light flavor, it picks up the soft flavors and aromas from the petals.

19. Paperweight and Bookends

Do you know someone that spends all of their time in the office or library?

Paperweights and bookends that have dried flowers on the inside can add a unique look to their office.

They can remind them that there is more to life than just work. You can also find bookends in the shape of flowers that help bring everything together.

Some people order bookends that can be used at vases, which adds a pop of color and life to the bookshelf.

20. Lotus Lamp

Lotus lamps are a cool gift idea and they can help your anxious friend calm down.

You can find lotus lamps that open and close when they are being used. This lamp will help remind your friend that even beautiful things can grow from the mud and blossom.

Lotuses have become a symbol of strength and purity that will help motivate your friend and make you want to order your own.

21. Flower Necklace

Flowers are included in necklaces in many different ways.

If you want to get a meaningful gift for a family member, you can get them a flower necklace. Finding out their birth month can help you discover a good flower to go within the design, otherwise, you can find out their favorites.

You can also get necklaces that have name initials with flowers on the metal.

22. Blooming Flower Tea

If you know someone that loves tea as much as they love flowers, then flower tea is the ultimate gift!

Teas are already made with dried flowers, but did you know that you can get a blooming flower? Blooming tea opens up in your hot water and creates a delicious taste that you will savor.

Kids and adults will love this treat because it is so fun to watch bloom. Don’t look away or you will miss the beautiful colors blending.

23. Page Savers

Money can get tight during the holidays. Flower page savers are the perfect gift for a tight budget.

You can get bookmarks and page savers made with dried out flowers. These page savers can enhance the reading experience for your friends and family. Especially if you incorporate their favorite flower.

Gifting a page saver makes a good gift that can be used for many years and not go to waste.

24. Wax Burning Kit

Not all people are meant to keep plants alive.

If you have a friend or family member that never got their green thumb, a wax burning kit will make the perfect gift.

You can get them a variety of wax cubes that come in all flower scents. Some people even get custom ordered wax cubes that include their favorite combinations of scents. Don’t be afraid to get a candle or electric burning kit. The electric options are often much safer, however.

25. Ornaments

Although Christmas has come and gone, it isn’t too early to get them started on Christmas decorations.

Gifting your friends and family ornaments filled with flowers can be the perfect gift. It can help them save money on decorations and add meaning to the Christmas tree. Don’t forget to sign your name and date the ornament for future memories.

Ornaments are a great way to bring meaning into the holiday. If you have a special memory with someone and saved a flower from the event, trying including it!

These Flower Gift Ideas Won’t Disappoint

If you are wanting to get your family and friends a thoughtful gift, these flower gift ideas will come in handy.

Many gifts are inspired by flowers and uniquely utilize them. Flowers are the perfect gift for the ones that you love. They are a sign of friendship, love, and joy.

You can bring happiness and life into someone’s life that you love through good scents and beautiful flowers with these gifts. Even if you don’t want to include real flowers, you can use them as inspiration for other ideas.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles on meaningful gift-giving ideas and living your best life!

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