7 Lifehacks from Psychologists That Will Help You in Any Situation

At least once in your life you have been in a situation that put you at a loss or incapacitated you for a long time. Regardless of whether it was a relationship with loved ones or a quarrel with the boss, you felt that you could not cope on your own and only dreamed of some kind of universal advice that would ideally work in any situation.

Of course, we are not magicians, but we tried to collect some valuable recommendations from psychologists who are sure to help you build relationships with yourself and others. A few useful lifehacks for getting rid of despair and overcoming difficulties are given in the material on Geniusbeauty.com.

More compliments and nice words

Good words are always welcome. Psychologists remind you that if you want to attract a person to yourself and get what you want from them, be lavish with compliments and encouraging words. Yet, you should mind the reasonable limits! Your words should be sincere, so avoid outright flattery and sneakiness.

The more polite and tactful you are when “delivering” compliments, the more attractive you will look in the eyes of others. Try to start with something simple, for example, praise the appearance or pay attention to someone’s talent. You will see that the interlocutor will become friendlier and more helpful.

There’s the contact!

Before “taking the bull by the horns”, try to come in contact with the interlocutor. Psychologists assert that nothing brings people together as much as possessing some kind of common secret information, which in no case can be transferred to someone else. Therefore, in order to win over a person, share some secret with him/her (albeit insignificant, but proving that you trust your interlocutor and consider him/her a significant person). After that, they will not be able to ignore you and will certainly fulfill your request.

A true professional

This item will be especially useful for those who want to carefully delegate part of their responsibilities to a colleague, but so that the person does not suspect being abused. Experts advise to use the following life hack in this case – to convince a person that he is a true professional in his field and no one except him will be able to fulfill the assignment. The more convincing you are at this moment, the sooner they will say yes to you and do what you ask.

From liking to hating, there’s just one step

You must have had the situations where you wanted to know whether a person likes you or not. It is clear that the most reasonable thing to do is to ask him directly, but sometimes it can be difficult to overpower yourself and ask this seemingly simple question. Experts recommend to select a phrase for yourself and smile warmly every time your interlocutor pronounces it. In this way, a psychological trick will be employed, and in order to see your smile again, the person will say this very expression again and again. But this is only if your interlocutor finds you attractive. Otherwise, your reaction will simply be ignored, as if nothing has happened.

It’s also a good way to find out if that person’s attitude to you has changed. That is, if a person used to react to you in a conversation by clearly “responding” to your reaction and now communicates without any emotions (or in an explicitly polite manner), there is no trace of liking any more.

Sometimes it’s better to be silent than to speak

You may be surprised, but experts say that a chewing gum not only helps get rid of food debris and keeps your teeth clean, but also reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood. This process is associated with peace and security, so if you are very nervous before any important meeting, a chewing gum will help you calm down and tune yourself in the right way. Mind the limits – just a few minutes are enough to get rid of excitement without harming the body.

It’s never too late to ask for help

Psychologists remind you that it’s much easier to get support from someone you have previously asked for help. In this case, it will be more difficult for a person to refuse, so he will do what you need. But the help of strangers should not be ignored either. Even if it’s difficult for you to overpower yourself and ask someone for help, remember that in most cases you will not be refused. The main thing is to make it clear that you really need it.

A variety of choices

To win over a person and urge them to make a decision, do not limit their choice and provide the illusion of diversity. But at the same time prepare the options that are all going to be useful to you (in one case or another). Whatever your interlocutor chooses, you will still win (and the person will have a persistent sense of significance and satisfaction from not being confronted with the ready-made decision and from getting the opportunity to choose a good option).

In addition, in case of a fiasco, you can always remind the interlocutor that it was his conscious choice, that you provided several options, and that the final decision was made by him.

Search for common ground

It’s no secret that the more you have in common with your interlocutor, the sooner you will find a common language and common ground. Similar views or habits contribute to the establishment of warm friendship, mutual sympathy, which will play into your hands and help to achieve what you want. Experts remind that during the first communication, it is desirable to “copy” the manner of behavior, gestures, and separate words, or mention similar interests and principles. You will automatically be considered a like-minded person that the interlocutor is going to remember first in any situation (to find out your opinion on a particular issue, to make some nice bonus, to promote, to offer a major project, and so on).

We do not urge you to selfishly manipulate other people, but in some cases our advice can help you a lot.

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