Belly Fat Loss for Women: The Secrets you Must Know

Perhaps one of the most commonly searched aspects of health and fitness for women involves the reduction of stubborn belly fat. While this is clearly confusing a ton of people and makes them question what they might be doing wrong, oftentimes the reason is very simple. There are a few secrets to reducing belly fat that many fail to realize, and is often much simpler than many might realize.

To make this simple and easy to follow, there are very important secrets that all women must remember to finally remove the stubborn belly fat and get a flat beautiful stomach. Here is what you need to know.

1. Optimize your Training: Cardio and Weights

Most women find great relief and joy when engaging in cardio exercises, including sprinting, team sports, or dancing. Cardio raises the heart rate, burns calories, and makes you feel great! When doing cardio exercises such as playing tennis or squash, you are bringing oxygen into your body and moving your body which speeds up fat loss and encourages a nice flat stomach. So make sure that cardio is a staple in your training regimen.

But do not neglect weight training. Most women complain that they do not want to get “big and bulky” when in fact it is scientifically impossible. Men produce testosterone which allows them to build bigger muscles are a faster rate, while women do not have the means to do so. Rather, weight training burns a ton of calories, speeds up the metabolism, and tones the body (including your belly!) to make you look leaner and more athletic.

2. Remember What You Need to Eat

All women looking to burn stubborn belly fat must consume the right foods in the right quantities. When you finally know what is needed to burn fat, you will start losing belly fat as if it is magic.

The first secret is eating plenty of protein, and preferably every three hours. Protein is the most important macronutrient for losing weight since it satisfies the appetite and helps speed the metabolism. Eating a nice serving of turkey, chicken, or fish every three hours while satiating you and also improve your skin and overall complexion since it will be used to create new cells in the body.

Next, stock up on healthy vegetables to satiate you as well while also giving you an energy boost. Green vegetables are full of fiber which helps the digestive system while also acting as a block to your appetite. You will need to eat plenty of vegetables to meet your calorie requirements, so you will most likely be full before then!

Some women already had the chance to check out BeLinda – the world’s first female intelligent fat burner – and claim, it helps to reduce belly fat. But, of course, one should combine all the tips we share in this article to get rid of it, not just one. Thus, the next step is:

3. …And Remember What You Must Avoid!

Even if you are eating protein every three hours and consuming plenty of veggies, you still need to avoid the major sins of belly fat loss.

The first is refined and “white” carbohydrates. Foods like white bread, pasta, cakes, and cookies all cause insulin spikes and leave you crashing later in the day. Focusing on healthy vegetables instead will leave you full without the insulin spikes, and also provide the body with nutrients and vitamins to burn fat. Carbohydrates like bread and pasta lead to weight gain since they do not provide little nutritional value in comparison to green vegetables.

Avoid any sugar-packed food and drinks like the plague, instead opting for two servings of fruit per day. Sugar will be the devil if you want to avoid belly fat since it will cause insulin spikes and leave you hungry only a few minutes later. Sugar does not satiate and is probably the worst thing to eat when trying to lose that belly fat. Most sugary foods are considered “snacks” and “dessert” since they often do not cause you to feel full or provide any nutritional value. Instead, opt for healthy alternatives in case you have a sweet tooth. Have half a banana with a teaspoon of honey as a great way to meet that sugar craving. Luckily, the more you avoid sugar, the easier it gets. After a few weeks without sugar, you will start to lose all sugar cravings and instead crave natural and whole foods which are a great way to burn belly fat.

Next, try to limit or even remove alcohol from your diet. Most women find tremendous benefits in belly fat loss when they limit or even exclude alcohol from their diets by only leaving it to very special occasions. Alcohol contains unnecessary carbohydrates which also leads to fat gain, and makes it hard to keep a flat belly.

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