How to Help a Family Member Cope with Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a life-altering condition. After all, depending on the severity, the disorder can make it a struggle to achieve even the simplest tasks. But while dealing with the affliction is an undeniably challenging experience, having a family member that you love and care for suffering from it can be a colossal undertaking.

But don’t give up hope! While an essential tremor is a severe condition that should never be taken lightly, there are ways to help your loved one cope with this terrible disorder. And not only will we discuss the most important things that you should know about ET but also ways to help a family member get through it too.

Understand what essential tremors entail

Before you can help a family member cope with the disorder, you must start by understanding what it involves. Basically, essential tremor is a movement disorder wherein the body involuntarily shakes. While it usually begins with the hands, the tremors can also progress and manifest at different parts of the body like the head.

While the cause of the disorder has yet to be determined, this neurological condition is widely believed to be a hereditary disorder that can be passed on. And those whose parents suffer from the affliction is far more likely to develop it as well.

How to treat essential tremors

Essential tremors may be life-changing conditions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing can be done to eliminate its existence, if not minimize its symptoms. In actuality, there are several ways to treat the disorder. And one of the most recommended methods is through physical therapy. After all, it can help the body adjust to tremors by strengthening the control and coordination of the body’s muscles.

However, if the condition is a little more severe, medications like beta-blockers as well as tranquilizers and even Botox have been used to treat essential tremors. However, it is well worth considering that the medications used also come with side-effects too. And it’s vital that you consult with your doctor or physician first before taking any drugs.

If medications are unable to alleviate the symptoms and effects of the condition, however, the only possible recourse left is surgery. From deep brain stimulation to the less invasive focused ultrasound procedure, it’s an essential tremor treatment for those left with no other option to keep its undesirable effects at bay.

Encourage and support

There’s a good reason why many medical professionals often recommend that you encourage and support those suffering from essential tremor. After all, doing so can go a long way in giving them a positive outlook. And as a result, improve the chances of the chosen treatment to work. After all, the body follows what our mind thinks.

While an essential tremor is undoubtedly challenging to live with, it’s not impossible to adapt to the disorder. And by understanding the disorder more and encouraging and supporting a family member who may be suffering from it, there’s a good chance that your loved one will beat the condition.

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