7 Simple Home Remedies for Low Libido

For every one of us comes a time when our sex urges begin to wane. This can be a result of medical issues, in which case you will have to follow the prescribed treatment and hope that your sex drive will be restored to an extent when you have been cured or while you are getting better. But you don’t have to rely on medication solely, there are good old ways to improve your libido, some of them very simple. Try a few of the following tips in a combination and see if they help you acquire a better sexual shape!

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1. Increase vitamins intake

Anyhow, ladies well on their way to their menopause require a large vitamins intake than usually, even more so if they had children. Speaking in terms of libido boost, go for Vitamins B, C, and E, and zinc – they are also good for your health in many aspects.

2. Enjoy the spa

It is a natural sexual stimulator, scientists say that steam rooms influence the blood circulation and make you feel more alive in general, besides getting more sex-hungry.

3. Treat yourself to red wine

Red wine has been discovered to increase female libido; if you down one or two glasses (not more!) regularly you will feel the wholesome effect on your sex drive.

Whereas, if you go beyond the limit and go on pumping yourself with wine, you may end up with a sharply opposite effect sex-wise.

4. Allow yourself some rest

Testosterone decrease can also be due to the influence of cortisol, the stress hormone, therefore you need to take care that you have a quality rest now and then.

Relax by doing yoga, going into short meditations, or just having a heart-to-heart with friends, and your cortisol level will drop significantly.

5. Make sure you get enough sleep

The adrenal glands play an essential part in your sex life, and they need a sound long sleep to rejuvenate properly. If they have had a good rest, you will be able to feel a more pronounced sexual urge and a quicker response.

Actually, sound sleep is linked with having an active libido. Those who value their ability to enjoy sex and beget children should see that they have a long undisturbed sleep every night.

6. Libido-increasing foods

Of course your diet has a lot to do with your libido level. First, you would want to refill your store of androsterone, the female libido hormone. Celery is a good food for generating it. Avocados will provide you with folic acid, potassium, B-6, and other sex-friendly nutrients. Go for seafood – oysters will fill you up nicely with zinc and dopamine thus strengthening your libido reactions. A sweet tooth? Here’s chocolate, great for substances like theobromine and phenylethylamine; they enhance the libido and set you up with a good mood and positive frame of mind.

Include these into your diet, and you will observe a remarkable inrush of libido. It relates to men as well as for women.

7. Exercise your body daily

An active sex life requires a good blood flow through your body – the better the flow, the more virile you are. Regular workouts will ensure a proper blood circulation. Sports like riding bikes, running, jogging, swimming, aerobics will make your body generate more endorphins, a substance that gives you the feeling of well-being.

Endorphins can also help increase your self-assurance, make you believe in yourself and expect better things from yourself. It will naturally tell on your sex drive.

Try these and other ways to see which ones work better in your case, it may take quite a while but it’s worth it, you know that, right? And once you have proved your heightened abilities to yourself in bed with your partner, you will want to get it again and again – so, feeling on top is worth a little trouble.

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