How to Avoid Weight Gain after Giving up Smoking

Why do we gain weight when we give up smoking? Is it possible to quit smoking and stay slim?

Give up smoking

The cause of weight gain after you quit smoking is simple. Nicotine affects the metabolic rate. When you quit smoking, metabolism slows down, and it leads to weight gain.

Because of the slower rate of metabolism, you can gain about 5 kilos on average. But there is good news: weight gain can be avoided.

The studies show that weight gain after giving up smoking does not last for a long time. 20% of ex-smokers automatically return to their usual weight in a year (the research was carried out in France, Hopital Paul Brousse).

You should also know that very often extra kilos are not caused only by slower metabolism. The people, who quit smoking, try to replace cigarettes with a variety of snacks, drinks and sweets. Therefore, if the smokers wish to give up cigarettes, it is worth eating low-calorie and low-fat foods: celery, carrots, sugar-free candies and a sugar-free chewing gum.

Another way to avoid weight gain after giving up smoking is to increase daily physical activity: walk more, climb the stairs, and sign up for fitness classes.

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