Drunk Men Don't Find Women More Attractive

British scientists are seriously concerned about the factors that influence the attractiveness of a person. The researchers could not have failed to study the aspect of how alcohol affected perception. In the end, it turned out that the statement “there are no ugly women, there is just not enough booze” was fundamentally wrong.


The scientists from the British Universities of Leicester and Exeter interviewed around 240 visitors to the bars and cafes, setting before them the task of determining the degree of attractiveness of ten immature and adult women, looking at their face images with and without makeup, created by a special computer program that can “increase” and “decrease” age .

The experimental results showed that alcohol did not affect the ability of men to determine the age of women. In addition, it was found that the degree of attractiveness of younger girls did not depend on the degree of intoxication and the amount of makeup.

According to the experts, the results of the study demonstrate that taking alcohol and using skillful makeup do not affect the perception of the true age. A more interesting result was that the study participants, being at various stages of intoxication, assessed women as less attractive, though sober subjects found the same women cute and interesting.

Reporting on the results of the experiment, the researchers noted that despite the fact that alcohol clearly prevented female volunteers from determining the correct age of the person, depicted in the photograph, male volunteers did not have such problems, regardless of the degree of intoxication. This means that man’s perception is not so easily fooled.

As stated by the scientists from the University of Leicester, the scientific research shows that even heavy alcohol intoxication does not prevent men from performing such tasks as determining the age, so it should not be an excuse in case of unlawful sex with a teenager.

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