Breaking 12 Myths about Condoms


CondomMature relationships imply taking care of each other’s health including the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the existence of a large quantity of contraceptives today, doctors recommend using condoms, because they can both prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately many people still avoid using condoms explaining this reluctance by different myths about this rubber and ignoring the facts. Let’s break these myths!

1. Buying Condoms Is Shameful

If you think so, you are anyway just another customer for the salesperson. If it is shameful for you to tell the salesman “A condom package, please”, you can always buy condoms at a self-service store.

2. One Can Get an Infection or Become Pregnant Even with a Condom

Using the condom correctly minimizes the risk of becoming pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Condoms Should be Bought by Men

The logic is the following: who wears, that one should buy. But more than 35% of condom consumers are women.

4. Condoms Desensitize

Condoms are made out of thin, elastic and durable materials, which practically do not desensitize at all. Moreover, there exist condoms with particular lubricant based on water, which are recommended for those experiencing problems in reaching orgasm.

5. Using a Condom Hurts

Almost all condoms have silicone or water based lubricants, that exclude any pain during their use. If one experiences pain during sex, they should consult a doctor for taking a sexual health checkup, instead of imputing the pain to condoms.

6. Sex without Condom Is Healthier Because of the Hormone Exchange

This statement contains a grain of truth, but I do not think that an unwanted pregnancy, abortion or getting a sexually transmitted diseases are healthier.

7. A Married Pair Can Do Without Condoms

One can get an infection not only from a partner on the side, but also in public transport, pool, gym etc. In the long run Herpes virus can suddenly “wake up”, which is passively present in almost every organism.

8. There Exist Two Sizes of Condoms: Small (Asian) and Large (Western)

Condoms can be divided into three size groups depending on their width: 48-50 mm, 51-53 mm, 54-56 mm. The Length of a typical condom is 19-20 cm (Indian ones are 18 cm).

9. It Is Awkward to Tell Your Partner about Using a Condom

Many people think, if they ask their partner to use a condom, they will offend by this ask. In reality such a proposal is an additional care about your partner’s health. You cannot offend a normal person by this. By the way, the very process of fixing the condom can become an additional moment in the romp.

10. It is Better to Use Condoms Together with Creams, Lubricants and Intimate Gels

No way! Apart from the fact that different gels and creams can cause itching, burning or allergic reaction, they can have a destructive effect on latex and condom lubricants.

11. All Condoms Have Tiny Holes, that Let AIDS Through

Condoms admitted to be sold must stand the hermiticity and inflation tests, which prove there are no holes.

12. Condoms Disturb the Spontaneity of Sex

If you and your partner agree about using the condom in advance, the condom will not disturb you.

Remember, that only the correct use of condoms can provide the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Please, love, respect each other and be healthy.


  1. obviously a woman wrote these “facts” about condoms
    a condom no matter how thin it is, lessens the sensitivity of the penis.condoms alos have recomendations on the packets for which lubricants to use with them if one feels so inclined. find your facts before opening your mouh

  2. That whole thing was ridiculous. If I had a concern about any one of those twelve “myths” you didn’t dispel even one of them. And why do you always say using condoms do not desensitize the sex. It has to. There is no skin contact. There is no difference between wearing a condom ad putting on a rubber glove. And we all know exactly why we wear rubber gloves.

    Let’s face the truth here. Even women don’t like condoms because using condoms takes away from the sexual experience. (not being a woman I still don’t understand how it affects women physically with the exception that they don’t experience the feeling of receiving the release of semen but that I am told is not what they are talking about) People who live a “clean” lifestyle and are comfortable that the partners they chose to be with also live a clean lifestyle are not willing to sacrifice the full sensation of their sexual experience and as of today I still haven’t seen the evidence of why they should for the satisfaction and peace of mind it would give to those who clearly do not live a rational lifestyle or partner and advocate for those who do not. Instead the proof I have seen since Aids was discovered in 1981 only further solidifies the reason why rational people should reaming of high standard at all other sacrifice. I mean why should I be receptive of someone or and idea that causes me to sacrifice something I do not want to sacrifice, (like the complete sexual experience) when with self discipline the only thing I have to sacrifice is my desire to be with one person whom I can easily replace with another?

    I am not completely lost on the appreciation for the use of condoms. But there are two larger myths about condoms that is not mention in this article. One is the myths about condoms are a myth. The diminished experience in sex is not a myth. There is simply no way to add a physical element between you and your partner, no matter how “thin”, that does diminish the experience as it clearly eliminates an element of contact.

    The unrealistic paranoia of contracting a disease when one lives and disciplines themselves in a healthy lifestyle, and makes rational choices to socialize with people who do the same gives credence to the other myth. The myth that we are all equally at risk. Regardless of how unpopular it is to say it, I’m simply not going to propagate [to foster growing knowledge of, familiarity with, or acceptance of (as an idea or belief)] the idea a rational thinking person living a reasonably high standard of clean behavior in their life and remains disciplined to draw a line between themselves and people who do not. Is at the same risk as people using drugs (addict or recreational), homosexuals, and people who don’t otherwise separate themselves from people who live at those risk.

  3. Let me digress momentarily. I spoke briefly with Geniusisbeauty on another forum. I posted on that form that because I dissented from the accepted consensus that she posted here that she would not post my comments. She did post my comments and I have to honor her for that.

    I also want to point out that what I posted is my observation, my conclusions and the expression of my opinion. It is not fact. Though I do believe everything I said is based of fact and is true beyond refute.

    Geniusisbeauty, if you are not afraid of a dissenting point of view and will post it in your blog you most certainly deserve my respect. Thank you for the honor being posted here.

  4. Condoms, to a great degree, prevent the spread of disease and in a lot of cases, unwanted pregnancies. No condom company is infecting their product and inflicting a deadly virus on their customers.


    Living with STD, but not lonely–

  5. Good article. I will give this text to my 12-old daughter. This is quite informative and educating. Shame on the first commentor, who doesn’t understand the goal of this text.

  6. Excellent——We need condoms anyway. For the last 11 years of my married life me and my partner never had an infection or disease.

  7. Which is more shameful-to buy condom from shop? or to tell doctor about the hiv/aids/std/disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I fell deeply in love with a respected widoow with two young children. When we could no lomger resist sex the need for contraception arose. As she knew all the doctors in our small town, she felt perscribed conyraceptives was out. The obvious answer was to use condoms. She was delighted how wonderful sex was using a rubber, which has been our contraceptive of choice ever since marrying. Condoms have never failed us.

  9. One myth yhat needs to be dispeled is that cndoms plug up toilets. I always flush my used rubbers and never once have had any resultung problems. Neat and swift disposal.

  10. Ahoy there strangers,
    As a female, I can’t speak from experience, but I agree that condoms have been known to desensitize sex, which has both benefits and downfalls (particularly if you are a man you suffers from early ejactulation). However, in other cases, it’s been known to increase the enjoyment of sex.
    meanwhile, i think you’ve got to out way what is worse, wearing a condom or contracting a disease, getting pregnant or anything else. Ultmiately, condoms when used in combination with the pill is the most effective protection, proving to be 99.5% effective, whislt the withdrawal method or timing method has a 30-40% failure rate, as well as not protecting against many sexual diseases.
    Finally, to Teddy. PLEASE PLEASE do not flush the condoms down the toliet, it is not so much about whether or not it will clog your toilet, but the fact that flushing a rubber down has a terrible effect on the environment, so please, the best way of discarding condoms is wrapping ina tissue and putting in the bin!

  11. Ooh and also, lubricants, creams etc are widely encouraged for use with condoms, ONLY if they are compatable and not oil based (as this detroys the latex!)

  12. Im a first timer..i’ve read several essays,facts,opinion about contraception. And i think,for me,condom is the most effective element to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But i’m still hunted by the fact thai i ‘can’ still make my partner pregnant though i wil use a condom. We’re stil young and we dont want to our both lives to be ruined by unwanted pregnancy. But we are so vocal that we insanely want to have sex. Is there anyone out there who can help us? A simple tip is a big help. Pls. Comment.

  13. saying that condoms don’t desensitize is ludicrous. I have used the thinnest condoms trojan makes and its hardly pleasurable. without feels incredible, but with i feel as if i will never ‘get there’ because of the lack of sensation.

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