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Dear beauties, today we are talking about tiny things that are however big enough to spoil your mood – blackheads. Don’t welcome them, we’ll also talk about the ways of getting rid of them.

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Blackheads are small dark spots which appear when follicles get blocked. The reasons of this process are not completely studied. Sebum, or skin oil, which normally drains to the surface, stays blocked in the pore. Bacteria begins to grow. Initially a blackhead is white. At that time it’s called whitehead. It can be very small, even invisible to the naked eye. We deal with a whitehead if the trapped sebum and bacteria are below the skin. When the sebum and bacteria partially open to the surface, a blackhead occurs. Whiteheads and blackheads are acne forms. The blackhead part, which is on the surface, turns black due to the skin pigment melanin. Blackheads live long, because the contents drain to the skin surface very slowly. It’s better not to touch the skin in such places, because it increases the likelihood of the pimple occurrence. When the follicular wall breaks and the pore becomes inflamed, there occur pimples. The better way to get rid of pimples is to get rid of blackheads, that is, to remove the cause of them – excessive oil and dead skin cells, which contain melanin making whiteheads black.

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Acne Treatment

Here’s one of the effective methods of acne treatment.

  • First of all, warm the skin with a warm compress of water applied to the area of the blackhead. This opens the pores and gives more access to their contents.
  • Use a scrub (at least twice a week). It clears blackheads and prevents new ones, removes old skin cells, increases the circulation. When choosing a scrub, be careful not to buy one which scratches the skin too much, like scrubs containing apricot seed. And don’t use it too often, it can enlarge the pores.
  • Wash your face with cold water to close the pores. It’s also possible to use ice for it. Cut cucumber lobules laid on the face for some minutes are really good, too, they narrow the pores.

And here are some more general advice for the acne treatment.

Washing your face evenings, mornings and after hard exercise with a mild soap or special gel clears up the skin and rids the face of excess oils. However over washing the face can end in excess drying, more oil production and, as a result, cause more acne.

Some think, if their skin is oily, they don’t need creams. In this case they simply should not use oily creams. Even if the skin is acne prone, it needs some moisturizing too and, of cause, everyday care. Finally, there exist creams for oily skin, so, it’s better to use them.

If you have acnes, avoid long stay in the sun, because it can make you more prone to sunburn. Little sun helps to dry the pimples, but it gives only temporary results. Moreover, excessive sun baths can lead to more rapid skin aging. It’s also necessary to shampoo the hair regularly, especially for those having oily skin (in this case it can be done everyday). The right skin care implies a careful cosmetics choice. Choose oil-free cosmetics, which does not lead to pore blocking. It refers to foundation, hair-care, moisturizers, even eye shadows and so on. Anyway, if you have this opportunity, it’s always better to consult a dermatologist, whether this or that cosmetics item is good for your skin type.

Don’t forget that only cosmetic products are not always enough for acne treatment. Many factors influence the condition of your skin. Healthy diet, pore size, age, regular skincare, the use of qualitative cosmetics, make-up – all this is important. And keep in mind, that the way to beauty takes time, and never give up if problems are not solved immediately.

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