Pocket Mirror to Follow You Wherever You Go


Most of the necessary things in life are rather tricky, require care, often bordering on fuss, and tend to be lost or damaged in adverse circumstances. Arguably the list of these things was topped by a pocket mirror – until lately, now that designer Pavel Sidorenko has done a veritable attempt to put things right.

Pocket mirror

Now no matter how strong the wind is or how inclement the weather conditions outside, you can get out your mirror as often as you need it and handle it just anyhow… If your pocket mirror is The Pocket Mirror by Sidorenko. This particular accessory is a palm-sized reflector that will slide in and out of the credit card slot in your wallet, and it is so light and slim that you won’t feel its presence. A bulb-shaped affair, it’s all plastic, and you can put it out of the way in your back pocket and then forget and sit on it. And you don’t have to shudder when you drop it. It won’t break.

But it will do other things, like sending out plashes of sunlight, helping you to stealthily admire an attractive face of a person standing behind you. Maybe Alice wouldn’t have been able to get through it to the other side, and it may be a moot question whether magicians will take to it for their own ends, but the rest of the population is sure to find the Pocket Mirror mighty handy and pockety. For just €4.00.

Source of the image: Betterlivingthroughdesign