Watermelon as Antidepressant


Watermelon SlicesProbably you already know that watermelon has miraculous facilities – it works as Viagra. Scientists have found that this is not the only valuable property of watermelon. Watermelon enhances the mood and heightens vital force. The scientists researched what effect on people can have a few slices of watermelon per day. Most of the volunteers, who participated in the study, informed that their mood and their vital forces were improved due to the “watermelon diet”.

The researchers found a scientific explanation for the perceptions of the participants: it turns out that watermelon has many healthy components. Amino acid citrulline removes lactic acid, by this lowering muscle pain, and enhancing the output of another amino acid – arginine. Arginine, in its turn, improves the synthesis of the growth hormone and it is a diuretic agent. Arginine also relaxes vessels and is antihypertensive; but what is the most important thing, it has а psychotropic effect and it improves the mood. According to the scientists, watermelon is the best natural antidepressant you can find today.