6 Things to Make You Feel Better on One of Those Days

Being a woman can be tough, but luckily, there are some pretty amazing sides to it, too. One of them is the ability to become a work of art at the drop of the hat, and with little to no effort – one to be gazed upon and adored. All women have days when they feel miserable, fat, and just want to crawl back into bed – it happens to the best of us! Luckily, there are lots of little things that can bounce you right back up in a heartbeat.

1. A tube of the perfect lipstick

You might not be the heavy makeup type on an everyday basis, but there are days when your self-esteem needs a little extra boost. And nothing boosts self-esteem like looking in the mirror and seeing a bold, unapologetically sexy woman looking back at you. Having a tube of high-quality, bold-colored lipstick will brighten dreary days and make you feel like you’re starring in your own little commercial.

2. Some sexy lingerie

Imagine spending some time strolling around your flat in a sexy peignoir (you will find a nice one here) or babydoll, catching a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror every now and then…observe how the satin slides across your body…oh, yeah. Much like the lipstick, sexy lingerie helps you see yourself for the goddess you are, even on your worst days.

3. A hot, scented bath

Pamper your body with a hot, scented bath where you can relax and let the hot water work its magic. Add some relaxing music, a candle or a glass wine – or better yet, all three – and feel like you’re at a luxury retreat in the comfort of your own home.

4. An awesome playlist

Music has the power to influence our mood more than almost anything else. If having great lipstick can make you feel like you are starring in a commercial, having the right music on your iPod will make you feel like you are starring in your own music video. And come on, deep down we all want to do that.

5. A good workout

This might sound like a lot of work, but bear with me. Exercising causes your blood to flow faster, and that in turn releases endorphins that help combat stress. Not to mention few things feel better than knowing you managed to finish that series of sit-ups! Plus, the view of all those muscly guys in tight little t-shirts strolling around can’t hurt, either…

6. A mug of hot chocolate

Sometimes nothing can make you feel better than hot, chocolatey sweetness. Toss a few marshmallows on top of that and enjoy the carefree taste of childhood. Adulting is hard, you definitely earned this.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice to do all of these things on the same day? Think about that next time you notice yourself getting a little too weary and lethargic. Saturdays are a day off for a reason!

What do you do to combat the autumn or winter blues? Let me know if I missed anything!

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