Show You Care: 3 Best Gifts for Students

College students go through a lot to make it through their studies. If you have a college student in your life, you might be considering getting them a gift as a sign of love or encouragement.

If this is the case, you’re in luck: most college students are very easy to shop for. There’s a lot they can use at this transitionary time in their lives, and there are many great gifts out there.

Need a few ideas on the best gifts for students? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few amazing ideas.

1. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

If there’s one thing all college students rely on to get through their studies, it’s coffee. Coffee is the ideal drink of hard-working students, with that caffeine kick being what gets them through a long night of studying or up again after a late night out.

Depending on what your particular college student prefers, there a lot of ways to give them the gift of java. Are they the type of person who makes coffee for themselves in their apartment, or are they always out getting something from the local coffee shop?

If they’re the make-it-at-home type, you can get them some great beans that they can use to brew their own stuff. Or, brewing equipment like a grinder or a french press. If they like to have their stuff handed to them, consider getting a gift card for their favorite spot instead!

This is one of our favorite gifts for medical students as well.

2. Relaxing Candles

It can be hard to make a dorm room or a small college apartment feel like home. Yes, adding decorations and sending little trinkets as gifts can be helpful, but it’s hard to know if what you’re getting will be in the student’s taste.

Instead, consider getting them a high-quality candle. This is something they can light after a hard day of work and unwind with. It’ll fill their little home up with the most comforting of aromas. Many candles can actually help to de-stress a person: a valuable trait to consider for a college student!

They come in all kinds of shapes and scents, so you can find one you think matches the student’s personality.

3. Record Players

What are today’s college students into? They’re into what you might have been into in college. There’s a retro-craze in full swing these days, and you’d be shocked to see how the vinyl industry has turned around.

College apartments all over the country have record players, and students are heading to the slick cool parts of town to buy records on the weekend.

If you want to get your students something they’ll find cool and can enjoy with their friends, a record player can be the way to go.

Are you trying to get the studious individual in your life something perfect? The above gifts for students might provide the perfect solution.

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