Rocking with the Times: 9 Jewelry Trends to Hop on 2020

If you’ve been in a mall recently you’ve probably seen some of the hottest spring 2020 fashion trends showing up on racks and shelves. But jewelry is not to be overlooked as you start adding new purchases to your spring wardrobe. There are some distinct jewelry trends that will be ruling retailers this year. Choosing the right jewelry accessories can pull your whole look together. Here are nine of the year’s biggest jewelry looks that you will want to adorn your neck, ears, fingers, and wrists with in 2020.

1. Lucite

A plastic material that dominated home furnishings in the ’60s and ’70s, lucite was back in a big way on the runways during many designers’ spring previews. Its lightweight nature means you can wear a chunky lucite necklace on a warm day or large earrings that won’t stretch your lobes. Lucite can be colored, clear, or frosted, making it an ideal match for a variety of outfits. Try stacking some lucite bracelets with a casual summer t-shirt and shorts, or wearing a statement necklace at a summer wedding.

2. Chain Links

As evident from the spring and summer 2020 fashion shows, chain link jewelry is shaping up to be one of the year’s most popular jewelry trends. As a classic look with an equestrian edge, chain link jewelry goes with literally anything you wear. Jewelry brands are favoring gold plated chain pieces which instantly add a touch of luxury to your work or nighttime ensemble. Experiment with layering thin chain link necklaces, or go big and bold with large earrings that are sure to get noticed.

3. Bird-Inspired Pieces

One of Sir Elton John’s favorite earrings in the early ’80s was a gold and diamond parrot hoop creation (probably made by Cartier) that he sported during many performances and TV appearances. He may wish he still has that earring, because bird-inspired jewelry is back in a big way in 2020. And there’s no better way to celebrate the return of warmer days than by wearing jewelry that looks like it could tweet.

If parrot earrings are too whimsical for your taste, look for feather shaped pendants or try a bird-in-flight necklace.

4. Tortoiseshell Patterns

Originally, tortoiseshell jewelry was derived from the shells of Hawksbill sea turtles, an endangered species. Thankfully, using real tortoiseshell was banned in the 1990s. What we know now as tortoiseshell is really plastic, which makes jewelry and accessories made in the pattern a lot more affordable. And tortoiseshell is poised to be a big jewelry trend in 2020. The popular speckled brown pattern was spotted on everything from earrings to headbands at the spring and summer designer shows.

We’re guessing that it’s tortoiseshell’s neutral nature that encourages its popularity every few years. It’s a pattern that can be worn with anything and adds a touch of Audrey Hepburn-like class to any look. Now that tortoiseshell is a guilt-free trend, you can indulge in it to your heart’s content via necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

5. Seashells

Noticing a pattern with this year’s jewelry trends? In another nod to nature, expect to see pieces made of shells or in shell shapes, particularly as we head into hot summer days. Some of the pieces are not for the shy; think sporting cone shells around your neck, tied with a ribbon. But you can also opt for puka shell jewelry, or simply jewelry made with shell-shaped metal pendants and charms.

6. Bright Stones

We tend to brighten up our wardrobe when the days get longer and warmer, swapping out black and grey clothing pieces for more cheerful hues. This year, jewelry is no exception. You can expect to see jewelry accessories made with colorful gemstones—whether real or fake. Whether you’re into earrings made with a rainbow gradient of rhinestones or a single mystic quartz pendant, bright stones are sure to liven up your spring and summer looks.

7. Not-So-Boring Gold Hoops

Every woman probably has at least a few pairs of gold-toned hoop earrings in their collection. While they can be worn with anything, let’s face it—they can also be a bit boring. That’s why jewelry brands are shaking up the basic hoop with a few surprises. Jewelry makers are playing around with textures and embellishments on gold hoops (such as lion heads that make them look like mini door knockers.) They may be doubled or tripled or come in extra-large sizes but one thing’s for sure: they’re far from blah.

8. The Single Statement Earring

In perhaps what could be another nod to Sir Elton, single earrings were spotted on several models at the spring and summer 2020 shows. But wearing a single small earring can make it look like you forgot to put the other one on, or lost it. That’s why this trend features very long, shoulder-grazing earrings so that there’s no mistake they’re supposed to be worn that way. This is one trend that is probably only for the very bold, but we can see wearing an oversized or ultra-long earring at a wedding or other special occasion.

9. Pearls

A classic strand of pearls never really goes out of fashion, but for 2020 pearls will have more prominence in jewelry pieces. Pearl drop earrings, pearl bracelets, and pearl pendants will be plentiful at department stores this year. And don’t be surprised to see women wearing long strands of pearls together in a nod to the 1980s. Few other jewelry pieces can make us feel feminine quite like pearls can, so stock up on them this year.

As you can see from these nine jewelry trends, 2020’s jewelry counters are shaping up to be full of colorful, classic, and fun pieces to wear. There’s a jewelry look for everyone as we head into the new decade. Looking for more news about the year’s fashion trends? Check out our latest fashion and wear posts to always look and feel your best!