Love Lasts Only 4 Years


Man Embracing WomanResearchers at National Autonomous University of Mexico claim, that every infatuation lasts no more than four years. According to the scientists, infatuation which resembles temporary madness is caused by the activation of specific chemical compounds in the brain. Even the deepest love will not be there anymore, when the “reserve” of these compounds runs out (in 4 years at most). Then passionate love becomes just emotional addiction or sexual dependence.

Love Is Obsession

The scientists surveyed a large number of loving people and have also found, that love has all the characteristics of the obsessive-compulsive neurosis: when one is in love, they often lose sleep and appetite and can’t think of anything else, but their beloved.

Love Him Only Once

Besides, the Mexico researchers have found, that one can fall in love with a particular person only once. The feelings that might occur after the break of relationships are transient and can’t stir up great love.

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  1. Mexicanos are idiots to tell that! They are all idiots.They know only sex with prostitutes and carnivals!

  2. As far as I know, carnivals are more common to Brazil. And it’s not good to tell, that the entire nation consists of idiots unless you know each of them personally and know for sure, each of them is so. I’ve never been there, but I’m sure, you’re totally wrong. I’ve never expected such a hostile comment under the article about love…

  3. Though I know nothing about Mexico i think mr xx is a piece of sh… but these researchers are right. Love lasts even shorter than 4 years. Infatuation 2-3 months. That’s my bitter, but TRUE experience.

  4. We’ve been married for 11 years, well, I wouldn’t say all this time it was a paradise, we had everything, quarrels, tears, but I still love my husband, so does he. And as for infatuation, I think it’s true.

  5. Love doesn’t exist? I’m in my 6 month. I love my husband, he adores me and we both are extremely happy tobecome parents soon. Love is the only thing people live for!

  6. This is accurate with what I’ve read.

    The chemical processes that occur in our brain to make us feel love need only exist for a limited amount of time.

    The four year mark may seem arbitrary, but it dates back to caveman days. It’s the amount of time required for a child to be conceived and taken care of for their first few years. After that, at least w/ respect to a more primal society, a child could be weened by its peers, rendering the parents’ relationship unnecessary.

    I have a more positive experience
    I am in LOVE with masturbating, and have been for the greater
    part of my life, nearing 22 years, LOVE lasts way way more than
    4 years buddy.

  8. Frederic Beigbeder published his book “Love Last Three Years” in 1997. 🙂 i definitely recommend reading it!

    greets from croatia

  9. Well, I know an infatuation last about 3 years with me. It difficult to get on with a new relationship then because you’re still “in love” with the previous one, for 3 damn years. It annoying. It is like you know you’re crazy and you can’t do anything about it.

    And I tend to agree that “love” doesn’t exist. It a complex chemical reaction triggered by external stimuli. The behaviour of the reaction depends on the stimuli and your genetics and experiences. That’s why it’s even more annoying.

    Ah, but it is definately better to have loved and lost, than to have never have loved at all, sigh, still not over her, damn.

  10. I don’t think love can be measured and weighed like some science experiment. Love is more than just chemical compounds in our brains. I have been in love for 7 years now and continue to fall in love with my husband over and over again. I still get that puppy dog oppressive love thing each time I fall in love with him again. I think the researchers should either broaden their test group or go back to the drawing board.

  11. Love is not infatuation. Infatuation is about longing, desire and anticipation. In my experience it is more of a body feeling that the mind obsesses about. Love is more about appreciation and giving, infatuation is about getting. Infatuation is exciting but you can’t expect it to last. I think this article confuses the two.

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  13. It’s probably true…according to this Italian study, it’s only ONE year!

    But don’t lose hope because the article mentions, “…they believe the same chemical also stimulates companionship, which is essential in any long-term relationship.”
    Also, keep in mind that there are exceptions to these supposed facts–for example, some people need as little as 3 hours of sleep per night to be fully rested. There is no doubt that most relationships become less intense as time goes on, but since the 4 years is an evolutionary thing, it’s very likely that over (centuries of) time this will change in humans to last an average of 18 years or even a lifetime. Evolution occurs through the most useful genes having dominance, so even though there is an average or even a vast majority, there are always exceptions with the new strong gene or a “weaker” one that slipped through. I am willing to bet that there are people alive today who can feel love for a lifetime.

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