Sports Rehabilitation after Stress

You would never believe how easy it is to cope with stress!

Fitness, jogging and swimming in the swimming-pool not only strengthen health, correct figure and increase self-confidence. The scientists have proved that sports help to cope with everyday problems and manage stress. In this article I’ll tell you, what kind of sport activities can help to relax in this or that stress situation.


Problems at Work

Long-expected promotion is put off. The chief shouts at you again and again, and you feel tired of a daily routine. Instructions: you should find time for attending swimming-pool. Half an hour in the water is not only effective heart training, a large amount of burned calories and a thin belly, but also an opportunity to calm down, think over everything and to get rid of irritation. Go to ride a bike in a park at weekends: after and before workweek you should return yourself positive mood and restore energy content. Riding a bike for half an hour can do it best.

Splitting with Boyfriend

Tragedies in private life negatively influence your health: you lose appetite, immunity falls, depression attacks you. But there is one effective instruction against it. You should avoid hard physical activity because your organism is weakened by stress. But movement can quickly return you to life. Do daily training to escape from bad thoughts. It’s not necessary to do it in the morning, find any time convenient for you. Light activity would help you to focus on yourself and to calm down, also it would help you to breathe well and keep the rhythm.

Holydays Are Far off but You Want to Relax Right Now

Thoughts about work do not leave you even at days off and you dream to give up everything and have a rest. The instruction is to practise yoga. Training two days a week is enough. Slow movements and breath training would help to relax, focus on your body and forget about small problems.

You’re in the Epicentre of Scandal

You’re annoyed and angry, and your muscles strain themselves. In order to cope with anger and not to harm the others you may box. If stress appears regularly, it’s not necessary to start hitting the source of irritation. Train kicking at pillows or box in the air. Then join a box class, where you can combine getting rid of stress with a good training of kicks.

Gloomy Weather


The Sun is behind clouds and mood gets bad. Instructions: to get rid of fatigue you can walk. Even when the weather is bad you should go out: a daily norm of ultraviolet would raise your spirits and fresh air would cheer you up immediately. Jogging also effects your mood in a good way. Besides, you would “wake your muscles up” and provide your body with enough oxygen. And you may be proud of your heroism for the whole day!

Physical exercises are essential for a healthy body and mind. And even if you hate sports, there are ways of staying active.

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