Sugar Substitutes Cause Weight Gain

Brown-White-SugarResearchers at Purdue University’s Ingestive Behavior Research Center have compared the way artificial sweeteners (saccharin) and sugar effect health. Sugar substitutes are much sweeter than natural table sugar, but have practically no calories compared to 15 calories/teaspoon contained in the latter. Nonetheless, experimental mice, who ate yoghurt sweetened with zero-calorie saccharin, consumed later more calories and, as a result, gained more weight and fat than those mice, who ate yoghurt with glucose (simple sugar).

The scientists claim, that the substances contained in artificial sweeteners disorder the appetite regulation, because the body might get confused by the taste of sweetness followed by a lack of blood sugar rise, and cause upping appetite. This can explain the hypothesis that diet soda consumption contribute to obesity. Maybe it’s time to stop fooling mother nature?

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