Love Lasts Only 4 Years


Man Embracing WomanResearchers at National Autonomous University of Mexico claim, that every infatuation lasts no more than four years. According to the scientists, infatuation which resembles temporary madness is caused by the activation of specific chemical compounds in the brain. Even the deepest love will not be there anymore, when the “reserve” of these compounds runs out (in 4 years at most). Then passionate love becomes just emotional addiction or sexual dependence.

Love Is Obsession

The scientists surveyed a large number of loving people and have also found, that love has all the characteristics of the obsessive-compulsive neurosis: when one is in love, they often lose sleep and appetite and can’t think of anything else, but their beloved.

Love Him Only Once

Besides, the Mexico researchers have found, that one can fall in love with a particular person only once. The feelings that might occur after the break of relationships are transient and can’t stir up great love.

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  1. I hope these posters are not Americans. I am an American but at least I have been privileged to be enlightened. The movie Sicko is a great example that Ameircans are the most ignorant people on the face of the planet, while all the greatest innovations on studies of medical subjects, including human sexuality are far more advanced outside of US than inside of US. US medical industry are monopolied by powerful pharmaceuticals and the insurance industry, milking its citizens and imprison their doctors — so they cannot perform altruistic act of good will to save lives but abide by the strict and inhuman policies of red tapes, based on profitability for the blood sucking leeches.

    I believe MORE of Mexicanos doctors than any Americans. Another eye opener for the ignorant. If you are injured in France, you can take 2 months off or longer, there are no set 5 max sick days in a year. If you need to go to a university to get a college degree, it’s free. If you need to go to a hospital after an accident, it’s free. If you are pregnant, there will be a part-time government employee who are sent to help you cook, wash dishes, and do your laundry. Americans are so dumb, I am embarrased to call myself one.

  2. Is no one seeing the irony here covering the subtext of Mexican researchers finding this out? Mexican families are notorious for being the happiest most contented in the world. How many scientists in Mexico do you really believe have derided their scientific regime for the wonderful fountain of love? Bitter much? What about the all important compound oxitocin, that is heavier than any of the other chemicals sustaining us throughout our lives, in a relationship or not. I am sorry but I have to agree with most of the sentiments here, that this a large pile of pony pies.

  3. Could the scientists give a answer for one additional question? How long will woman’s love last if her man resembles (or is) Pierce Brosnan? ; )

  4. u’re right Mr love can’t last more than this periode i mean 4 years it’s not only mexican researchers who prove that but also others from America, UK, and Russia so no need to blame him people cuz he is right totaly right u should believe that just ask urself and live it to prove it ok

  5. Hey , John T,

    You assert that, “Americans are so dumb.” You go on to compare Americans to Mexicans. Here is a little news you mange tout of a dolt: Mexicans are Americans you dumbass

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