Why Do Women Have Sex?


Many studies show that most men find most women at least somewhat sexually appealing, while most women find absolutely nothing attractive about most men. Cindy Meston and David Buss told about this in their book Why Women Have Sex.


For every romantic woman, there are two who are more practical, according to Cindy Meston and David Buss, psychologists at the University of Texas. Women have many reasons for having sex, from relieving boredom and keeping peace in the relationship to easing headaches. As for romantic motives and passion, they come much more insignificant on the list. One woman even admitted to making love with her husband so he would throw the garbage away.

Cindy Meston and David Buss have interviewed 1000 women, asking why they have sex with men. One respondent said sex was spiritual experience to her. She said that it was the closest thing to God.  Most explanations, however, were much more worldly. 84 per cent said they had sex to ensure peace in the family or to coax men help them in household chores. One woman admitted she had sex to get rid of the boredom and because it was easier than fighting. She added that it gave her something to do.

Whatever unpleasant it could be for men to hear, many women would sleep with them out of sympathy. One respondent admitted to sleeping with a couple of guys because she felt sorry for them. Most women, however, are being driven by more selfish motives like financial or other material rewards. In a poll of students, one in 10 women admitted to having sex for gifts. “He bought me a nice dinner”, “he spent a lot of money on me early on”, “he showed me he had an extravagant lifestyle” are some of the reasons mentioned in the poll. For many women, sex is not about romance or love, but a chance to have some fun. Six out of ten students said they had sex with a man whom they were not romantically linked to. “Life is too damn short to be waiting four years to have sex again,” one said in the poll.

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