Men Find it More Difficult to Apologize


Canadian scientists conducted a curious experiment to find out how different are the abilities of recognizing one’s guilt in men and women. This was written about in the news review of the competent journal Science.

Men Find it More Difficult to Apologize
During the experiment, 66 volunteers (33 women and 33 men) for two weeks recorded their emotions associated with relationships with other people. Analyzing the results, the experts discovered that men are much less likely to apologize and plead guilty to a conflict. Woman asked for forgiveness by 35% more often than men, and sometimes simply to negate a conflict that occurred. But moreover, women were rude and used insults in their speech by 30% more than men.

The authors of the experiment also found that men’s immunity against insults is much higher than that of women. Their reaction to abusive attacks was calmer than the ladies, who very often react to crudeness by taking offence and by going into tears, even if they were offended by someone that plays no role in their lives.

The scientists emphasize that the main differences in recognition of guilt in men and women appear in romantic relationships: women are more afraid to hurt their partner, so they apologize more emotional than men who are more inclined to rational and logical recognition of guilt.

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