The Male Perception of the Female Flirt Is Inadequate


Woman Flirting with a ManAccording to the studies held by scientists from Indiana State University, males are blind to any efforts made by the opposite sex to attract their attention. Three hundred students of both sexes participated in the study dedicated to this topic. Every participant was offered to view a set of 280 female pictures and asked to determine which of the four listed emotions (friendliness, sexual interest, sadness, or aversion) were displayed on each picture.

Males displayed much less accurate results than females did; many of them confused friendliness with sexual interest and, visa versa, perceived sexual interest for friendliness. The chief scientist Coreen Ferris noted, however, that the results of the study represent only the average perception among men and that some males are remarkable at interpreting female emotions.


  1. All men think they are soo clever, but in fact most of them can’t even get it, if the woman wants sex with them or just wants to get something from them – they can be so non-smart! I’m just trying to use a polite language…

  2. not surprising results. most men read positive attention and eye contact from an attractive woman as potential flirting. as far as i know [as a man] men don’t use body language consciously, as a tool for flirting, so they lean heavily on what they know which in most cases is bent logic.
    now since movies are complete stereotypes and books are rarely true that just leaves knowing how women flirt by tested experience. since women seem to enjoy playing with men in this regard men are stuck playing carrot on the stick.
    my vote is teach flirting and functional mating rituals to young adults in school. women love men with experience and men hate to fail so teach em young.

  3. True, men generally don’t understand women at all, but on the other hand women barely understand men either. Most people assume everyone else thinks like them.

  4. An AI (Approach Invitation) by a female is a subtle gesture she performs to attract men. This can be a furtive submissive look, entering little bit his personal space, searching her purse in front of him, putting lipistick in front of him. Men without game usually miss these “clues” totally, Other men notice but do not approach. From the moment of the AI a guy has only a few seconds to approach otherwise she loses her.

  5. No, women still uses primitives clues… Some studies suggest that chromossome “y” is more recent than “x” one. Men, by far, are more rational and pratical in affairs, as long as women are more prone to interpret old clues such as emotions. That´s why the alpha male bulshit is still valid to women. Primitive men with bold confidence in emotional sphere (cocky and funny shit)  win because women are still primitive… 

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