Male Menopause Symptoms & Signs

The level of sex hormones in men after 30-40 begins to decline, and by the age of 50, many men can experience the so-called andropause symptoms. How can you deal with male “menopause”?


Menopause & Andropause

Everyone knows that, at about 50, women begin to show symptoms of menopause, but male menopause is hardly known. Though discussing such topics may seem inappropriate, and men are reluctant to share the symptoms with the loved ones, in many European countries and in the United States, there is an official statistics of men with manifestations of decreased sexual activity. According to the data from the World Health Organization, one third of men over 50 have symptoms of andropause, which is associated with reduced sex hormones production.

Menopause in Men & Women

Common manifestations of menopause in men and women today have proved to be a syndrome caused by a hormonal exchange shift. The only difference is that men do not show such vivid symptoms as women do, and fertility (the ability for conception) is retained.

Male Menopause Symptoms

  • decreased libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • frequent urge to urinate
  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • overall vitality decrease, apathy
  • decreased performance, inability to focus
  • dizziness
  • sudden feeling of heat (“hot flashes”)
  • shortness of breath
  • lipopexia on the abdomen, thighs
  • weight gain
  • nagging back pain
  • xerosis
  • excessive sweating.

How to Detect Male Menopause?

Many men, perceiving these symptoms as normal age-related physiological changes, are reluctant to see a doctor. But, in fact, such symptoms can point not only to andropause, but other diseases such as diabetes. To exclude male menopause, you need to take a blood test for testosterone levels in the blood serum. With lower levels of total and free testosterone, doctors often find increased cholesterol level, impaired glucose metabolism, and anemia. All these parameters can be adjusted.

Male Menopause Treatment

If the symptoms of andropause are expressed significantly and affect the quality of life and relationships with family and friends, they need special treatment. As a rule, hormone replacement therapy and recommendations for lifestyle change are prescribed to men. Testosterone remedies are available today in several dosage forms, which is very convenient: you can take tablets and capsules every day, get an injection by a doctor every 3 months, or you can place a special implant under the skin and forget about the symptoms for six months. There are patches, gels and creams containing testosterone, but they are rarely prescribed. The doctor takes the decision about the type of treatment; the drug dosage is strictly individual, as it takes into account the patient’s comorbidities.

Is Hormone Therapy Efficient?

Hormonal treatments are very effective, and may quickly return the joy of life to the man, enhance his efficiency, the need to lead a busy life, improve his mood and help improve relations in the family, fight depression. By the way, you can take sedatives (valerian, peony, motherwort) at the same time, to improve sleep and reduce anxiety, though testosterone is a powerful antidepressant and has a strong psychoactive effect.

Hormone Therapy Contraindications

There are contraindications to hormone therapy such as cancer, but it is not the only significant ban. Chronic bronchopulmonary disease, sleep apnea and even heavy smoking may be a contraindication to receiving hormonal remedies.

Other Treatment Tips for Male Menopause

The use of multivitamin complexes and drug-adaptogens (ginseng, echinacea, lemongrass) has a positive effect on the state of men with lower testosterone. Physical therapy and spa treatment is also very effective and relevant. But the most important condition for a return to normal life is a lifestyle change: a sensible diet and moderate exercise.

Dieting Tips for Andropause Aged Men

A man after 50 should avoid fat and smoked foods, limit alcohol intake, including soft drinks, and give up smoking. He should exercise at least 3 hours a week for 1 hour a day. A great solution for mature men can be swimming and cardio, which also increase stamina and strengthen the heart.

Sex & Andropause

Earlier in the treatment of andropause, sexual rest was recommended, but doctors concluded that it was ineffective. Today, men are recommended to restore regular and full sex life in every way possible, because regular sex life plays an important role in the maintenance of hormonal homeostasis and benefits marriage.

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