How To Make A Guy Stop Flirting With You?

This is the Unwanted Affection rubric, and we are going to tell you how to gracefully wriggle out of unnecessary male attention. Our today’s hero is a guy who flirts with you unrequitedly. He has a meaningful look on his face, a hope in his eyes and a set of hints of varying degrees of vulgarity. You have a feeling of embarrassment, unwillingness to offend him and a slight dislike. Here are some ways to stop his tricks without rudeness.

1. Start talking about your boyfriend

The problem with unwanted flirting is that it is not very obvious. The guy does not offer anything directly, so it will be strange if you start screaming, “back off, I already have a boyfriend!” right away. Try to mention your man in a personal conversation, “Yes, I have seen this film. My boyfriend didn’t like it all, but I think it was funny.” It does not matter if you really have a partner or not. The object has already received a clear signal that he has no chances.

2. Communicate with him as a friend

Even better – a female friend. The strategy is not as reliable as the first one, but it can also work. It’s not about telling him how you lost your virginity, or inviting him to a pajama party. Your goal is to show that you enjoy chatting with this guy, but you don’t consider him as a potential boyfriend at all. Tell him that you have a crush on a colleague, and ask for advice. Or point to a passing guy and say that you would like to get to know him. This method is good when it is important for you to maintain normal relations with the guy and delicately kill his hope for something more – for example, when he is a colleague with whom you still have to work, or a boss, which is even worse.

3. Find an excuse to leave

Nobody canceled the good old escape, but bear in mind that it is only suitable for one-time flirting. If a guy pursues you constantly, it is better to choose more obvious options. Do not invent a cause to leave. “I have to go” and “Sorry, but I have things to do” are much more honest than non-powered irons and dumped girlfriends who need to be comforted. No need to escape from the party because of an unwanted suitor. Flirting is a very subtle thing – you can bring down his mood by a sudden retreat to the restroom, and it will be difficult for the guy to get back to you with his hints.

4. Offer him to your friend

It is another opportunity to show that he is not interesting to you as a man. If there is no real single friend nearby, imagine one. It is enough to say that you have an acquaintance who is fan of skinny men wearing glasses and a moustache, just like him. Be prepared for the fact that he becomes interested in your friend and will beg you to introduce him to her. Well, sometimes it’s better to be a matchmaker than an object of worship.

5. Be frank, but not too much.

Finally, the 100% option is to say directly that you have different paths to follow. If you do not like lying but you think it is too rude to say that you are just not into him, you need a milder version of the truth. Say that you have recently ended an unpleasant relationship and you are not ready for anything new. Or that you feel good alone, and now you are focused on yourself. Any of these things may turn out to be not as offensive as saying that the guy is not very attractive or he is not a very good person.

What about you? What do you do, if a guy you don’t like flirts with you?