Dogs Can Recognize Oncological Diseases by Smell

DogSwedish scientists made a striking discovery – as it turns out, the four–footed pet is capable to detect ovarian carcinoma in his owner before anyone else. It is hard to overestimate the significance of this discovery. In the Sweden alone, the disease hits 900 – 1000 people annually. This disease is dangerous, since it arises and develops without being noticed, so that in 7 out of 10 cases the diagnosis is made too late. The core reason for those tragedies lies in the fact that humans can not take a peek into their own body. We also can not detect a developing disease by its smell. Dogs, however, can.

The Smart Dog

In any event, George Horvat, Doctor of Medicine, taught his dog to distinguish between the malignant tissues and the healthy ones. Soon this study of his will be published in the magazine “Integrative Cancer Therapies”.

The Smell of Tumor Tissue

According to the doctor, he presented to the dog called Hannah 6-7 analysis of different female patients, and the dog recognized the blood of the oncologically sick women. This, in turn, means that the malignant components present in the blood have the same smell as the tumor tissues.

Cancer Has a Smell

It should be noted that some studies were held a few years back in England; their results support the hypothesis, which states that every kind of cancer has its own unique smell. It is unknown yet, what are the components that create the special odour of the tumor, but the author of the study has already presented some suggestions. He hopes that in perspective someone will create a device to replace the dog’s nose. “It just does not seem right to have a dog in the gynaecologist room” – he laughs.

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