How to Bear a Smart Baby

Pregnant WomanThe baby’s intellect depends by around 20% on the mother’s environment during the carriage and on the child’s surroundings during the first couple of months after birth. Scientists have recently carried out a number of experiments on the development of intellect during infancy. One particular well-spread belief, that infants get smarter when they listen to classical music, was not confirmed. The scientists did, however, establish that a child’s IQ is affected by the following factors.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Those are particularly important for the intrauterine development as well as the child’s sight. Pregnant females should by all means consume fat-rich fish or take special Omega-3 capsules.


This substance plays important role in the development of the brain areas responsible for memory and learning abilities. Pregnant women are recommended to consume 450 mg of choline daily, while the nursing moms need 550 mg every day. Choline is abundant in eggs, beef, and dairy products.

Mom’s Dental Health

A pregnant woman suffering from periodontitis or some other dental problems has higher risk of having a premature or underweight infant. Such babies, in turn, have higher risk of experiencing troubles learning.


The studies have confirmed that, when an expecting mother goes through high stress, it leads to reduced blood supply to the womb, leading to inhibited brain development in the infant. Hence, if you have some troubles to worry about during pregnancy – turn to a psychologist for help!

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