Who Is an Alpha Male?

Truly a brilliant idea once came to the mind of well-known zoologist David L. Mech. He proposed to divide men in beta, alpha, and gamma males. However, zoologists should have been given the opportunity to provide the classification of men long before that. The most interesting type from the point of view of a woman can be that of alpha males. What does this male look like?


Classification History

D. L. Mech’s zoological theory spread around the world pretty quickly. It was supported both by men and women. After a while, the author tried to claim that he had exaggerated the issue and had been wrong, but the society did not take this justification into account.

How do alpha males Differ from gamma men?

An alpha male can be easily differentiated during the first minutes of his appearing in the company. The man feels confident to start any talk and does not feel embarrassed in a situation when half of the terms used during the conversation are unknown and incomprehensible to him. It is curious that the dialogue participants, namely beta males and gamma males, humbly accept this demeanor and keep silent, as if ashamed of something.

Alpha males are absolutely sure that all the women in the world are going to line up in front of their bedroom door. Moreover, almost everything can replace the bedroom: park, stairwell, or beach. There is no difference for him. An interesting fact should be considered here: women are truly ready to respond to the purely primitive sexy call of an alpha male. Alpha males are leaders in any field of activity. But ninety percent of alpha males are too busy with sexual relations with women and their own persona. They simply cannot be distracted by any trivial things, such as their career. But there are exceptions.

Alpha male and others

Beta males often play the role of a shadow for an alpha male. The relationship between beta and alpha males was described in a rather detailed way by Dr. David McDonald, a representative of the University of Wyoming (in the jungle of Costa Rica, he used to study the habits of the passerines for a long time). It turns out that alpha and beta males are always ready to perform courtship dances to each other in front of the female. The female, of course, always chooses the alpha male. The beta male is to wait patiently until the alpha male gives up the female voluntarily or dies due to various reasons. Only then a beta male can find a couple. Approximately the same thing happens among humans. Most girls get their first sexual experience in the arms of alpha males. At this time, a beta male remains somewhere nearby, hopelessly in love with the woman; in real life, he often becomes a stepfather to the children of an alpha male.

Beta and gamma males

Beta males are generally reliable, intelligent, often successful, but in extreme situations beta males get baffled. Women intuitively feel it and start a relationship with an alpha male. In the nature, gamma males can neither reproduce nor hunt. In a flock, they are often a burden for others. In a human society, gamma males often choose the role of a gigolo.

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