Worst Things for the First-Time Sex with a New Partner

Excessive tenderness during the first sexual intercourse produces a stronger negative impression than a loud fart or burp – sociologists have reached such a surprising conclusion.


The Ergoflex mattress manufacturer company decided to make a list of the most repulsive acts during the first sexual intercourse with a new partner, so that people will never repeat the same mistakes. For this, sociologists interviewed hundreds of men and women. The most surprising thing was the number-one point on the list.

It turns out that during the first sexual intercourse a person hates excessive tenderness. That is, if you overdo it with hugs and cuddling, it will generate the most unpleasant impression, as considered by both men and women (41%). Excessive cuddling during the first intimacy is much worse than, for example, a loud burp of fart (26%), or stinking dirty linens (36%). Finally, 33% can not stand the partner’s after-sex snoring.

The survey participants were also asked to name the biggest oddities related to their partner’s behavior in bed. The list includes other women’s panties found under the pillow, lying in bed with 30 soft toys, sex on the yoga mat and sleeping in sleeping bags.

Well, what brings the most joy in bed? In the first place, clean linens (40%) , the second – breakfast in bed (35%) , and the third – the maximum free space during sleep (30%). So, romantic sleep when lovers are embracing each other, which we can often see in various films and photographs, does not appeal to everyone.

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