Least Sexy Body Part Revealed


A study by the U.S. researchers from the Bangor University has shown that women’s feet are the least sexy body part. Of course, this does not apply to the so-called foot fetishists.


Neurologists from the United States decided to find out the degree of sexuality of 41 human body parts. They conducted a survey including more than 800 people in the United States and South Africa. Foot fetishists, i.e. the people who are mostly aroused by women feet, will hardly like the results. It turned out that there is no sensual connection between women’s feet and genitals, and the theory about it is wrong.

The men revealed almost as many erogenous zones as women, and that denied the other popular (among women) theory that a man’s only erogenous zone is his penis. However, the first place in the list of the sexiest body parts is given to genitals, in both men and women. The women’s top five includes the mouth and lips – they received the highest rating (7.9 out of 10), the back of the neck (7.5), nipples and breasts (7.3), buttocks (4.5) and hips (3.5). But feet got the lowest ranking of 1.

As to men, their sexiest body part after the penis is mouth and lips (7), the inner thighs (5.8), the back of the neck (5.6), nipples (4.8) and the lower back (2.8). The least sexy part of the male body is the forearm (1). According to the authors, the human sexual response is controlled by another area of the brain that is not related to the sense of touch. Indeed, virtually identical to the touch body parts found themselves in different places of the ranking.