BMI Means Nothing for Your Weight Norm

The Perelman School of Medicine claims that the body mass index can not be used as a criterion for weight norm.


Experts explain that this figure is based only on the height and weight ratio, excluding the percentage of body fat and other important parameters, such as the distribution of body fat, the proportions of muscle and fat, as well as gender differences in build.

In fact, the link between obesity and health, which seemed obvious, is not so simple. In some cases, extra weight may even prevent diseases: for example, it was revealed that some people with high BMI have a smaller risk of cardiovascular disease and a better metabolic profile than many people with ideal weight. It is truly amazing: it has always been assumed that any obesity is dangerous for health. To understand this paradox, we need further studies of overweight people’s metabolism at the molecular level. Nevertheless, experts are still sure that, for example, abdominal (belly) fat reduces life.

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