How to Make Love Last Longer


Every woman dreams of great love. But once the dream comes true, we find it difficult to keep it after weeding ceremony. You know how marriage could be. Regular relationship is fading into no more than a habit, making spouses less interested and passionate. Finally, you get to know your spouse‘s ways so well that some of them become annoying. Here are 6 simple rules for making tender feelings towards each other last for times to come.


Be Yourself

You shouldn’t suppress your personal needs or keep your opinion to yourself just because of fear to destroy the harmony in a relationship. Indeed, even people in close relationship have the right to be different. Be yourself, respecting your spouse’s interests at the same time.

Let Your Partner Be What He Is

There is nothing wrong in fighting with your spouse from time to time. Storing up anger and discontent with your partner might be even worse. When your patience runs out, a big dust-up is going to happen with torrent of reproaches falling upon an unfortunate fellow. Sort out your relationship issues until they become a real problem. Clouds in the sky of your marriage are better than the storm. Your straight talk should last no more than 5 minutes. Try to be alone for 45 minutes after you had it. It will prevent both of you from uncontrolled fits of anger.

Don’t Hit a Sore Spot

We all have soft spots. Reference to them can hurt a person badly, triggering various worries from the fear of excessive weight and getting older to downsizing and failed career. Some people may still take their parent’s divorce hard as they grew older. Even strangers can hit a nerve. Yet only close people know exactly where it hurts so bad. Never misuse this knowledge.

Love cannot be managed, but it is possible to make tender affection last longer.

Don’t Lock Your Feelings Away

Live for today, not for the past or the future. Even so, think of something enjoyable you could do together. Try to seek out activities which will help you to learn something new about your lover and break “workplace-home” vicious circle.

Make Your Sex Life Fulfilling and Exciting

Things we get with no efforts, give us no satisfaction. This is true for sexual life as well. Hectic pace of modern life is trampling over passion. It might be great idea to stop for a second honeymoon.

Remember That Curiosity Is Not a Vice

Every woman is heading for the point in life where she thinks she knows everything about her spouse. Don’t delude yourself! Try to uncover something new and positive about your husband in the first place. Second, try to surprise your partner yourself.