7 Don'ts in a Relationship


Do not say we did not warn you! Nothing can kill a budding relationship faster than one of the seven worst sins, which will be discussed below.


1. First Date Sex

Do not rush to finish the first date with passionate sex. For this purpose, you’ll have a special moment, and there is no need to hurry. If you give all of you to the guy, he will lose interest and escape the relationship. You will have time for sex, let him appreciate your personal qualities first.

2. Don’t Tell Everything

The stories about your childhood dramas, school vicissitudes and family quarrels should rather be left for later. Do not rush to tell the boyfriend everything about yourself, leave some room for intrigue. You don’t want to scare him with too candid stories, do you?

3. Don’t Bombard Your Man with Calls

Phone calls, SMS, and messages in social networks – isn’t it too much? A man prefers to play the role of a “chaser”, so give him that opportunity. Do not bombard him with messages and do not call a hundred times a day just to find out how it is going.

4. Don’t Spy

You may be tempted to take his phone and look through the sent and received text messages, but be careful. First, if he finds out, it’ll all go down the drain. Second, you can see what you would prefer not to see. Third, it is humiliating.

5. Don’t Fake Orgasm

Big deal! It’s a little white lie! That is what you can say, but do not think like this. This little white lie can turn into a big problem in the future. You do not want to remain unsatisfied all the time after sex, right? Tell him everything, and try to solve the problem together.

6. Don’t Try to Change Your Man

Do not try to change him – people do not change. If you have a pile of complaints, it is better to change the partner, but do not try to change him.

7. Don’t Forget Your Own Interests

Of course, it is necessary to develop your young relationship, but do not forget about your own interests. First of all, you have to love yourself, so do not stop going to the gym, meeting friends and doing the things that give you pleasure.