15 Most Frequent Murphy's Laws

A sandwich always falls butter side down, and the adjacent queue, unfortunately, moves faster – does it sound familiar to you? This is Murphy’s Law, when our desires collide with unfortunate circumstances. We have compiled a list of Murphy’s Law situations, which each one of us has faced at least once.


  1. The thing that you are looking for has been lying in plain view for hours.
  2. Any job is easy, when you do not need to perform it.
  3. The most interesting exhibits in the museum never have a letter plate.
  4. You can store all kinds of lumber for years, but as soon as you get rid of it, you immediately need something thrown out.
  5. The lost keys are always found in the last of the pockets checked.
  6. An umbrella may lie in your bag for a week, and you will not need it during this time, but as soon as you leave it at home, you will get soaked in a terrible shower.
  7. We always lack time to do the job properly, but we suddenly find it when we need to re-do something.
  8. You do not always have either enough time or money.
  9. Whenever you cut your nails short, you will certainly need them.
  10. When you finally discard doubt and take up some work, you find out that there is no more need for it and you’ve missed the chance.
  11. The easiest work takes 90% of the time, and the most difficult requires only those 10%, but for some reason, you manage to do it.
  12. When you are in a hurry, you will surely find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or forget something very important at home, which will make you come back.
  13. When you need to knock on the wood, all of the items available at the moment turn out metal or plastic.
  14. The most ethical people are usually those who are furthest from solving problems.
  15. When you expect too much from the event, it never meets the expectations.