Wearing Tight Pants Affects Woman's Health

Why do doctors recommend against wearing tight pants? If you regularly wear tight pants, there is a disturbance in blood circulation. This is indicated by the results of the study, conducted by the U.S. researchers. In general, the experts have unveiled a long list of problems faced by the women, who prefer tight pants. In particular, tight jeans can damage the nerves.

Women boot cut jeans

The main problem that arises in case of wearing tight pants regularly can be violation of blood circulation due to the compression of blood vessels in the areas of thighs, groin, and genitals. Poor circulation is likely to lead to varicose veins and even swelling.

Damaged skin

There is a chance of damaging the skin: tight pants rub on the skin, and the skin damage that is invisible to the eye can be infected with germs.

Candidiasis risk

The experts say that relatively high proportions of the women, wearing tight pants, suffer from candidiasis. According to the researchers, tight pants can lead to deformation of the body and nerve damage.

Neuritis prevention

Wearing tight pants can cause Bernhardt-Roth syndrome – the neuritis disease of the outer thigh nerve. This disease develops in case of compression of one of the nerves on the outer part of the thigh. As a result, a person may feel numbness, pain, or tingling.

High heels double the risk

Doctors forbid wearing tight pants and say that high heels can worsen the situation. This combination is considered deadly. In this case, the axis of the pelvis is shifted, which lifts the buttocks visually. The pressure on the nerves grows even more because of the resulting tilt of the pelvis. As a result, the symptoms are more evident. The choice of stretching jeans can be a compromise.

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