5 Reasons Why Women Have Sex without Love


Women strive to resemble men in everything: they occupy leadership positions, wear men’s clothes and adopt male behaviors. This similarity with the male part of the population has been manifested in sex. Find out what drives women to have sex without love.



Strange as it may sound, women, as well as men, often choose sex as a way of self-affirmation. They want to feel sexy, desirable, and being able to seduce. We like the way men look at us with admiration, and if someone finds light flirting enough, others feel satisfaction only when the whole case is brought to an end.

Sex out of revenge

An offended woman is capable of much. Having lost faith in her partner, she begins to take revenge on the entire human race. Its male part, of course. She likes to break hearts, but her main purpose is to hurt the offender. She will feel relieved, even if he never gets to know that today, yesterday or a week ago she was in the arms of another man.

Physical needs

If a woman does not have a partner, physical needs will prevail sooner or later, and she will look for a “victim”. She needs sex, and that’s it.

Relieving Stress

After a difficult week at work, everyone relaxes in different ways. Someone goes to a bar and removes tiredness with alcohol, someone is sitting at home and watching a movie, and someone is looking for a partner for one night stand. Sex, in this case, is just a way to relieve stress.

Freedom from obligations

This is a purely masculine reason, but women do not neglect it either. More and more often, they just want to have fun without worrying about what to cook for dinner and how to wash a pile of dirty socks.