Yoko Ono-esque Sunglasses by Porsche


Yoko Ono, who wore her inevitable Porsche Design sunglasses for decades, has inspired today’s designers of the brand who launched the collection of a new generation sunglasses.

Yoko Ono Sunglasses

The original design that Yoko wore on the legendary Rolling Stone cover was slightly changed and presented with a futuristic titanium frame.

Yoko Ono Porsche Sunglasses

Source of the images: luxist.com.


  1. Hey, DON’T FORGET, that rapper; “KOOL MOE DEE!” was rockin’ wit DA PORSCHE SHADES as well! :D, Famous for rap jams: “HOW YA LIKE ME NOW”, “WILD, WILD, WEST”, “GOD MADE ME FUNKE”, To name a few. (He was wearin’ THE MEN’S FASHION, Not the ladies fashion.) Yeah the songz are old, But just wanna throw my 2 cents in. Have a fun day! 😀

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