Christian Dior Cruise Сollection 2010


Cruise collection 2010 from Christian Dior is done in rather unusual style for this fashion house, as it uses leopard prints on accessories and details of clothing.

Christian Dior Cruise Collection

The collection has classic elegant costumes, pencil skirts, knee-length coats, and floor-length evening gowns.

Christian Dior Leopard Dress

The clothing is accompanied with such accessories as pattern-matching bags and shoes, vintage-style hats, and jewelry with pearls.

Christian Dior Black Dress with Pearl Necklace

Overall, despite the prints, the collection turned out to be the usual elegant and refined Christian Dior style.

Christian Dior Black Dotted Pencil Dress

Christian Dior Classic Elegant Grey Suit

Christian Dior Leather Skirt

Christian Dior Blue Gown

Christian Dior Black with Leopard Evening Gown

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