Cute Pictures of Panda Part 1


I’ve already shared very cute pictures of bears and a brief story about these wonderful animals with you. Today I’d like to tell you about the giant panda, one from the bear family. They are extremely cute. Here are some photos of pandas and some interesting facts about these bears.


Pandas are native to China.
Panda in China

Like other bears, they normally live alone, except the breeding season.Panda Alone

But according to some recent studies, pandas sometimes meet outside this time, too.Three Pandas on the Tree

Unlike other bears, pandas don’t hibernate in winter. Quite the contrary, as you can see on the picture, they love winter.
Panda in Winter

Pandas Playing in Winter

Panda likes bamboo. Bamboo is about 99% of panda’s diet.Panda - Bamboo Lover

The birthrates of pandas are very low.Panda Mom with Panda Son

Those cute bears have been a target for hunting and poaching since very old times.Tiny Pandas

This is why pandas are extremely endangered species.Little Panda

Fortunately, pandas are now one of the world’s most protected animals.
One of the cutest as well, I think.
Cute Panda


  1. Pandas are beautiful….

    this world needs to stop being so selfish in killing these animals..let them live their life like we as humans do!!!

  2. I love Giant Pandas so much i love them more than anyone else in the world!!!! I did a class project on them and found way more info than the info on the page.We all had 2 choose an animal or plant specimn and i chose Giant Pandas.LOOK OUT PANDA LOVERS I AM MAKING MY WAY TO THE TOP AND I AM IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love pandas sooooooooo much!!!! I can keep one all by my shefe.Even when it grose up. I lick pandas soooooo much bye!!!!

  4. oh they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!! and ADORABLE!!!!!!!! pandas are my favorite animals i love these pics there so.. so SWEET my 5 year old neice says ” i like the picture that had abunch of baby pandas!”

  5. when i get older i’m goin’ 2 college and study whatever it’s called about animals and i’m gonna help indangered animals especially PANDAS i love them do much and i don’t see why people want to hurt the poor creatures my mom says i could risk my life for them but i’m prepared to do it cuz i think its what God has called me to do and in him i can do all things 🙂

  6. they are so cute i want one daddy can ubuy me for x-mas and not a car plzzzz i want one anyway they are cute everyone wants one dont they

  7. I haven’t always been crazy or loved pandas, but last year, I met this girl who liked a Japanese panda character. She showed me some posters, pencil pouches, etc. I just thought they were adorable! Of course, that girl had been my permanent friend ever since…But anyways, this summer, we had an extended writing academy, and we wrote about biodiversity; more like the natural lifecycle. My partner and I paired up on a topic: Pandas!!!! Generally, we totally agreed on the topic…And fortunately, the writing teacher loved pandas and bears and cubs and koalas and…so on and so forth…And we ended up getting an A+! I guess children understand the most about pandas, and only some adults care about pandas; any wild animal, for that matter. But, I still love them!!!!!

  8. Pandas have always been my favrote animals!!!!!!   I absolutely LOVE them !!!!!!!!   Please please don’t let them be extinked !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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