What Makes You Like Sweets?

SweetsWondering, why you just can’t but eat chocolate again and again, although it is bad for your figure, while you’re on a diet? Or would you like to know, why you pick up those candies and cookies so often and can’t stop it, although you’re trying to lose weight? You always try to explain your special love to desserts by such assumptions, as your mind needs energy to work or it improves your mood. Here’s the true answer.

A gene which makes one like sweets has been discovered by scientists from University of Toronto, Canada. This is gene GLUT2 responsible for the distribution of glucose in the body cells. It has been found, that those having certain variants of the gene prefer foods with high sugar content. According to the scientists, as a result of the genetic mistake the body doesn’t feel satiation of glucose and permanently requires more sweets. Exactly this process makes one like sweets.

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