Sex: When Your Man Wants Something New

Imagine the following situation: it is not your first time having sex, and your partner hints yet once again that it would be nice to try something… And then comes a suggestion for something new, something you always viewed as impossible, unpleasant and out of bounds. Should you reject it right away or take the risk and go for it?

Sex Preferences

Every person has different likings about sex, some parts of it are liked more, others less. It is very rare to find a person to be completely uninhibited and ready to try everything new in bed. This feature of character depends on past experiences, upbringings, physique, and finally each of us has some personal taboo subjects. For some people such subject may be anal sex, for some – sadism and masochism, some may not enjoy doing a blow job. The question is how you should act, when the male insists particularly on the thing that you have issues with?

Are There Rules in Sex?

The main point is to understand that you are not obligated to do what the partner desires. It is not your fault that your body is built the way it is. Sex does not have strict global rules, thus if you do not enjoy something in sex there is no reason to assume that there is something wrong with you.

Oral Sex: Pleasure for Both?

Let’s look at an example. These days we often hear about the mutual pleasures received from oral sex. The idea is discussed so much that a woman, who does not enjoy it, may think that there is something wrong with her own sexuality. In reality, studies show that not many women receive real pleasure from performing a blow job. Most women agree on doing it just so that she can bring pleasure to her beloved one, can show him her love and affection; there are also females, who reject this act no matter what situation they are in. It is normal to have different reactions. Thus, if your partner offers to experiment with something you completely can not accept, there is no reason to force yourself and do it. It is best to resolve such situation by saying:” I do not like it”, furthermore, there is no need to feel guilty after saying no. After all, for a dialogue to be equal in rights not only does one have to possess ability to listen to the partner, but to express one’s own feelings and desires as well.

You Can Always Try Something New in Sex

On the other hand, any kind of relationship, including the intimate one, is always in a state of development. Every time a couple is having sex, they learn something new about each other, develop mutual trust. It may very much be that one day something, that seems completely impossible today, will look like an interesting thing to try. You can always try and then, if you do not enjoy it after all, simply reject the act in the future. However, it may also be the case that something, that seems frightening at first, will turn out to be exciting, interesting, and bring new pleasures to both partners. Besides, it is a well known concept, that a beaten path kills passion. Why not try and introduce something new to your sexual relationships from time to time?

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